Improving Process Flexibility

Streamlined yet flexible processes operating over an open infrastructure help you accelerate product development and time to market. This agility is a key characteristic of successful organisations – and of the reliable and secure information infrastructure that underpins them. Basing your infrastructure on open standards allows you to interconnect your systems and applications.

A transparent open architecture helps your organisation to operate more efficiently because you can streamline processes and accelerate their completion. The same goes for IT processes - you can reduce operating costs by synchronising and automating them. As a result, you are generating increased productivity from both staff and IT systems for minimal extra cost.

Oracle technology for midsized organisations is open, easy to integrate, simple to manage and highly scalable, helping you adapt to market changes or customer requirements faster. Oracle solutions allow you to align your processes to changing needs over a long period, therefore delivering ongoing value to your business.

What you can do now
Perhaps you are wondering how flexible your processes really are and whether there is any need to streamline them. We have prepared a short test on our Self Assessment Portal, and when you have answered the questions you'll be able to download an evaluation of how your organisation's processes shape up and – if necessary – what you can do to enhance them. Doing the questionnaire won't commit you to anything, it is totally free of charge, and won't take long.

Why not have a go? It is on the Improving Process Flexibility section of the Oracle Self Assessment Portal




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