Productive communication and collaboration

In the age of email, VoIP and video conferencing, efficient information management is more important than ever. When used well, modern communication methods can increase productivity and increase customer and employee satisfaction. However, the enormous amount of information generated by these technologies can only be managed by deploying suitable software solutions.

Increasingly, communications management solutions must be able to handle much more than just phone, fax and email. Internet telephony and video conferencing are seeing rapid uptake, for example. Ensuring permanent access to all relevant documents such as call minutes, faxes and other correspondence provides data transparency and efficient data processing.

Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g is a richly featured collaboration toolset that can be used by organisations of any size. It provides the tools you need to seamlessly collaborate from within any application or any device. Designed to augment your existing business processes and applications, Oracle Collaboration Suite is affordable and modular, so that you can purchase and deploy it incrementally according to your needs.

With Oracle Collaboration Suite, you can provide the right content to authorised users whenever and wherever they need it, via any internet-enabled computer or device. Real-time presence-awareness (Realtime Collaboration) accelerates business processes by allowing individuals, teams and entire organisations to see who is online. With Unified Messaging, a unified inbox manages emails, calendar data, voicemail, faxes and messaging.




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