IT Security: Protecting data, protecting business

When implementing data security, many organisations focus primarily on access authorisation and firewalls. Yet, while essential, these initiatives are only a part of what is needed. Data protection is not just about preventing unauthorised internal or external access to sensitive and critical company information it is also about reliability, data backup and data recovery in the event of an incident.

Reliability matters
Access authorisation and firewalls are standard forms of data protection in most organisations. Yet it is just as important that data is permanently accessible and that authorised employees are able to view and edit it at any time. At times of high business activity, an overloaded server or an inaccessible database can not only cause frustration, but also loss of business. Reliable and scalable data protection solutions are essential.

25 years of experience offers reliable security
Oracle Database 11g addresses all these important security considerations and more. Oracle has more than a quarter of a century’s experience of protecting and managing corporate data. Its current database solution provides comprehensive access protection and identity management, encryption, scalability, data backup and data recovery, compliance functionality and much more.

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