IT consolidation means safer, more efficient business

While most organisations aspire to a ‘single source of truth’ about their operations, the reality is that most still keep data locked up in a multitude of desktop databases and spreadsheets. Gaining visibility and control of the data contained in these different ‘islands’ requires enormous effort and data accuracy is almost always compromised.

Fragmented data silos also make it all but impossible to implement centralised data security measures, or to ensure adequate data backup and recovery to protect against systems failures and other incidents.

With Oracle Application Express, you can consolidate disparate information and applications on a single server. At the same time, your organisation benefits from the rich information management functionality inherent in Oracle’s database technology, including:
  • Security: The database master can apply rules and encryption techniques
  • Availability: Applications and data are stored in a central Oracle database, ensuring data integrity and availability
  • Scalability: Both the database and Oracle Application Express can grow as the company grows
  • Productivity: New applications can be developed without specialised programming knowledge

Oracle Application Express is Web-based, meaning that no software needs to be installed on the client side. Access is via a browser, which allows mobile and remote workers to access the central repository of data.

At the same time, the organisation benefits from a consolidated IT infrastructure, considerably reducing the cost and administrative work involved in maintaining, securing and managing the IT environment.




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