Optimise the supply chain

In order to compete effectively, organisations must be able to anticipate and adapt to changing market conditions. This means ensuring that relevant information is available to all players in the supply chain.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) software solutions can help you to manage customer demand, monitor inventory levels and get early warning of production or shipping delays.

View and manage the whole supply chain
The SCM modules of Oracle E-Business Suite integrate and automate all important stages of the supply chain, from development and design, through planning and sourcing, to production and operation. By using a unified data model, Oracle’s solutions ensure that an up to date view of the whole process is available at any time - even for complex cross-site structures and workflows.

A responsive supply chain leads to better customer relationships
Oracle Supply Chain Management 11i.10 optimises operational process flows. It improves Customer Relationship Management (CRM), runs real-time production demand and integrates external service providers and contractors into the workflow. The solution draws on accurate, real-time data to provide up-to-date information on pricing and availability to customers and information on incoming orders to the purchasing department, the warehouse, the shop floor, contractors, and to anyone else who needs to use it. With Oracle SCM, you can optimise your supply chain operations for increased revenues and customer satisfaction.




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