Business processes can be initiated directly from inside Oracle's business intelligence dashboards and analytics applications. Users can respond instantly to relevant data. Location-specific data lets users navigate from national to regional to street-level views to monitor critical events, gauge their impact, and take action at the appropriate scale. Oracle business intelligence solutions are tightly integrated with Microsoft Office products, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Access up-to-the-minute business intelligence information in the tools you use every day. Company executives can monitor critical KPIs at a glance using interactive dashboards. This executive sales dashboard also lets users drill down to view relevant metrics pertaining to sales revenue by region, average deal size, and discount levels. Operational dashboards help ensure budgets are being spent wisely. This supplier performance dashboard compares vendors to determine the best choice. Tactical dashboards enable users to monitor the progress of business initiatives and stay on track. This marketing dashboard evaluates lead-generation effectiveness. Data can be customized to a user's specific needs by simply selecting different report line items from drop-down menus. Results are immediately available on-screen. Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management enables organizations to establish goals, map dependencies, define criteria for success, and communicate that information to the entire organization. Oracle business intelligence applications come with a broad range of prebuilt KPIs designed to help you measure important data, such as sales revenue and profitability, and compare yourself to competitors. Oracle delivers business intelligence functionality to your mobile device. You get alerts, reports, OLAP analytics, scorecards, and even dashboards on iPhones and iPads.