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To help their organizations succeed, CIOs need to keep up with—if not ahead of—technology trends, strategies, and best practices. C-Central for CIOs gives you the information you want and need: perspectives and analysis from global IT leaders, industry experts, technology visionaries, and peer CIOs.


Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions has gained worldwide attention as one of the most significant next-wave methodologies in the delivery and consumption of IT services. Many of its core characteristics—elastic scalability, self-service provisioning, public or private deployment options, and a pay-as-you-go usage model—are challenging CIOs to rethink many of their most fundamental data center practices.


Integrated Systems

IT can no longer operate as just an internally focused cost center. Successful CIOs must continue improving the bottom line with more-efficient technologies and processes, and they must take a leadership role within the organization to invest those savings in innovative new technologies that drive top-line growth. An integrated, flexible IT infrastructure is essential to addressing the realities of a volatile, globally interdependent economy and capitalizing on emerging market opportunities.


Social Business

Businesses are becoming more social every day. It's not a matter of when to become a social business, but how to become a social business. To accomplish this, CIOs need to help create engaging user experiences that integrate yesterday's enterprise applications with today's social technologies. Architected correctly, companies can solve business problems more quickly, resulting in increased innovation and greater sales.



Virtualization started as a means of server consolidation, but IT needs are evolving as data centers are becoming service providers. An isolated hypervisor cannot provide the speed and time to market required to deploy a complete application stack. To realize the full benefits of virtualization, CIOs must look beyond simple consolidation and choose virtualization solutions that are integrated with the applications and infrastructure to create "application-driven" virtualization.


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