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  • CFO Technology InsightsCFO

    Five Minutes on Modern Finance
    Best Practices

    Consider the following modern finance best practices and foundational strategies for becoming data-driven. 
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  • Executive ViewpointCIO

    New Mark Hurd on LinkedIn:
    Customer-Obsessed Marketing

    In a new era of "customer-obsessed marketing," there are five key tenets marketers must embrace to succeed without being overwhelmed by the impact of consumerization. Read the Article »

  • StrategyCHRO

    PwC Survey Insights:
    Disruptive Innovation in HR

    Oracle Vice President Cara Capretta and PwC's Dan Staley discuss findings from PwC's recent global HR Technology Survey, which highlights significant market forces in HR technology. Watch the Video (10:25) »

  • Forbes OracleVoice

    New Customer Loyalty is Dead. Long Live Engagement!

    Customer loyalty is notoriously difficult to measure because stated intent and actual behavior can be very different. In the future, engagement will become a key metric of business performance.
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