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Oracle University and Oracle University Online Learning

Oracle University (OU) is committed to the delivery of high quality products and services and adheres to federal guidelines for accessibility under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act only applies to the U.S. However, Oracle reviews and considers all accessibility and special needs requests, including those from Canada and other non-U.S. regions. Oracle University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, and other applicable state, local and regional laws in its education programs.

Oracle University online library curriculum is, at times, utilized as reference materials along with the classroom training. These online reference materials are converted for accessibility upon request. Conversions of online reference materials are limited to courseware that directly maps to the originating classroom event.

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Screen Reader and Screen Magnifier Software

  • JAWS screen reader software is available in eleven locations: Atlanta, Belmont Shores - California, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Iselin - New Jersey, Orlando, Reston - Virginia, San Francisco, and San Jose - California.
  • ZoomText Xtra Level 1 without voice is the screen magnification software provided. Oracle University also provides screen reader compatible electronic text copies and upsized to 8 1/2 x 11" text paper copies of student materials.
  • Where Oracle education is provided by a partner facility, the facility may or may not provide assistive technology, such as screen reader and screen magnification software. Please contact us for details about your location.
  • Lead times of 3-4 weeks are preferred for screen reader and screen magnifier software requests and requests for upsized paper copies of student materials.

Sign Language Interpreters

  • Oracle University supports sign language interpreters to assist students in class.
  • Students may arrange for interpreters or request OU to assist in locating an interpreter.
  • Lead times are critical when contracting with interpreters. We appreciate 3-4 weeks notice. Non-emergency cancellations mean that we cannot give notice to interpreters and remain liable for the costs of services that are not used.
  • Due to space considerations, we request notice of seven business days to accommodate an extra seat.

Go to the Oracle University web site for scheduling, purchasing and registration information. Registration can be done online or by using call center phone numbers, including one for TTY assistance.

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Oracle University OnLine Library is the online source for Oracle web based training. The Oracle University Online Library is dependent upon the Oracle iLearning application for navigation and delivery of online technology training. Other components include web sites, web links and content source files.

  • All components of the Oracle University Online Library service are being evaluated and will undergo a continual update process to comply with applicable Section 508 standards.
  • Oracle University will continue to research new technologies for efficient ways to convert online curriculum.
  • Oracle University will provide captioned and JAWS screen reader compatible versions of video and multimedia productions upon request.
  • Lead time of 6-8 weeks is preferred for captions and text transcript requests.

Go to the Oracle University Online Learning web site for more information on how to choose online curriculum to suit preferred learning styles and how to submit requests for captioned and JAWS screen reader compatible versions. You can register online or by using call center phone numbers, including one for TTY assistance.

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Oracle University web sites are undergoing evaluations for accessibility in all areas of design, content and navigation.

  • Careful review of all internal and external sites for conformance with the applicable Section 508 standards is standard in OU web development.
  • Oracle University will also monitor external links to non-Oracle controlled web sites, to evaluate the extent to which these linked vendor products comply with the Section 508 standards.
  • As necessary, Oracle University will contact third party vendors regarding accessibility issues for which these vendors are responsible.

Questions and suggestions regarding OU web sites can be sent to the email address:

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Oracle University's Oracle Certification Program (OCP) is a certification program for Oracle technical professionals in the information technology marketplace.

  • OCP offers screen reader compatible certification exams and provides a technically proficient person as a reader upon request.
  • This reader can assist candidates with visual disabilities by deciphering technical programming syntax and code.
  • The Oracle Certification Program group uses an external source to administer the testing and is working to ensure that all US based testing locations are accessible to people with disabilities.

Go to the Oracle Certification web site for test preparation information. You can register online or by using call center phone numbers, including one for TTY assistance.

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