Oracle and Haley


Oracle has acquired Ruleburst Holdings Limited, the parent company of Haley Limited (Haley), a leading provider of policy modeling and automation software for legislative and regulated industries such as public sector, financial services and insurance.

Haley has over 20 years experience in delivering complex policy automation software for industries that are a focus for Oracle, including public sector, in particular health and human services as well as financial services and insurance. Haley's leading applications empower business users to translate legislation and policy into automated business rules using natural language to enable self-service, ensure accuracy and consistency in complex decisions and determinations for policies enterprise wide.

The combination of Haley's products with Siebel CRM along with Oracle's back office applications—Oracle ERP—is expected to create the first packaged software solution for health and human services agencies with an enhanced case management application utilizing Haley to drive eligibility determinations.


Support, Services, and Sales

Haley customers and partners: Please use your existing contacts for professional services and sales.

Oracle 1-650-633-4490
Toll free in the United States1-800-633-0925
       (Toll Free in the U.S.)
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