Support for Acme Packet

The same support team who supported Acme Packet’s products continues to do so today. You should continue to use the same support channels you have been using, whether it is online, phone support, or through your customer representative. Support phone numbers and website links remain the same.

As we progress through the integration of Acme Packet Support within Oracle Customer Support we will provide advance notice to you about any changes.


Support Portal
Telephone 1.781.756.6920 (toll)
1.866.226.3758 (toll free)


Beginning in September 2013 you will no longer go through Acme Packet to renew your support contract. Responsibility for this process will transition to Oracle Support Sales, with processing resuming in late October 2013. However, you will continue to be supported—even if your support contract expires during this transitional period—as long as you have an active support contract or you have received an invoice for your Acme Packet support contract as of September 2013.

If your support term has expired as of September 2013 and you have not completed your renewal, an Oracle Support Sales Representative will contact you beginning in late October 2013; otherwise our practice is to contact customers 90 days in advance of the expiration of the current support term to discuss the renewal.

As the transition is complete, an Oracle Support Sales representative will contact you about your support renewal.

Oracle 1-650-633-4490
Toll free in the United States1-800-633-0925
       (Toll Free in the U.S.)