Support for Empirix e-TEST Suite Products


Effective 06-Jun-2008, the initial point of contact for Empirix e-TEST product support is through the Oracle Global Customer Support (GCS) systems and infrastructure, and no longer through the Empirix. Temporary CSIs were created and provided to you at that time so that you could receive support at Oracle until the contract data from Empirix could be migrated to the Oracle support contracting, renewals, and delivery systems.

Effective 29-Sep-2008, please stop using the temporary CSI that Oracle provided to you in June, and start using the new CSI to log new service requests. The new CSI was provided in a letter dated September 29, 2008. If you did not receive the e-mail or a hard copy of the letter with your new CSI, or if you have any questions or issues using the new CSI, please call the Oracle Support Hotline for your region and select the non-technical support Option.


Support Renewals

Beginning June 6, 2008, you will no longer go through Empirix to renew your support contract. This process will be transitioned to Oracle Support Sales, with processing resuming in August, 2008. However, you will continue to be supported even if your support expires during this transitional period as long as you have an active support contract or you have received an Empirix support invoice as of June 6. If your support term has already expired, an Oracle Support Sales Representative will contact you beginning in August, otherwise our practice is to contact customers 90 days in advance of the expiration of the current support term to discuss the renewal.

Oracle will work with you to migrate your support contract to a standard Oracle support offering and a standard Oracle support contract. Please note that Oracle will not be renewing contracts for the Empirix support services and instead your support will be migrated to an Oracle Support offering. The Oracle contract will then govern the support services for the next term.

For more information about the Oracle Support Offerings, please go to As the transition is complete, an Oracle Support Sales representative will contact you about your renewal.


Oracle Lifetime Support Policy

Oracle protects Moniforce customer investments with Lifteime Support
Furthering our commitment to Moniforce customers, Oracle is proud to announce defined support timeframes for Moniforce products and releases and the application of the Lifetime Support Policy to a number of Moniforce products and releases. Refer to the Lifetime Support brochure for specific release information.

Oracle 1-650-633-4490
Toll free in the United States1-800-633-0925
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