Oracle and Oblix

Effective March 28, 2005, the acquisition of Oblix by Oracle became final. Together Oracle and Oblix will further enhance Oracle's market-leading security infrastructure and bring to the market the industry's most robust, heterogeneous, and complete identity and SOA management offerings. content is now available on Below are some direct links to help you find what you're looking for.

Oracle-Oblix Products and Solutions

Oblix products and solutions are now part of Oracle's Identity and SOA Management solutions.

In addition to delivering a complete, heterogeneous, and open identity management solution, Oracle Identity Management uniquely empowers an organization to provide for end to end identity within their application development and deployment environment. The solution comprises of:

Oracle Web Services Manager is a comprehensive solution for adding policy-driven best practices to all your existing or new Web services and provides the key security and management capabilities necessary to deploy Service-Oriented Architectures across your line-of-business applications.


For more information on our combined products or to arrange for a demo, please contact Oracle by calling +1 800 438 0626 US and Canada or use the Oracle Global Contacts List to find a contact in your region.

Oracle Services

Oblix Support, Consulting, and Education are currently being integrated within Oracle Services offerings.

Oblix Partners

Oracle PartnerNetwork offers Oblix partners a full program of benefits that allow you to build your Oblix practice and strengthen your relationship with Oracle.

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    Option 16: COREid Identity and Access (also includes Provisioning)

    Option 17: COREid Federation (formerly SHAREid)

    Option 18: Web Services Manager (formerly COREsv)

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