CIO of the Year

Using technology to build enterprise excellence requires leadership. The leaders who use technology to improve the experience of the organization, the experience of customers and partners, and the organization's bottom line are all worthy of recognition. This year, Oracle senior executives will present CIO of the Year awards to chief information officers who exemplify leadership, vision, and dedication in working with and managing Oracle products and services.


This award recognizes outstanding performance and vision in the role of chief information officer of an enterprise that uses Oracle products and services. In addition, winners have built a professional relationship with Oracle that fosters the two-way exchange of ideas between the winner’s company and Oracle Corporation, which has provided insightful and honest feedback to Oracle about Oracle technologies, services, and procedures.


  • Winners exhibit the ability to successfully manage change, understand the impact of technology on business, effectively lead IT organizations, and inspire IT staff
  • Winning CIOs understand the role of Oracle technology and services in successful enterprise IT and have firsthand experience with them
  • One award is presented in each geographic region, including Japan
  • Winners are selected by the respective Oracle regional executive vice presidents
  • Nominations are currently closed and will re-open in 2016.


  • Consideration for placement in an Oracle Magazine article
  • Consideration for placement in an Oracle press release
  • Consideration for keynote addresses at Oracle OpenWorld and the Leaders Circle @OpenWorld
  • Oracle Excellence Award logo for inclusion on Website and/or press release


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