Interview at Oracle

Whether the interview takes place on your campus or at an Oracle site, remember this: be yourself!

What should I expect in a campus interview?
During this initial introduction, expect a comfortable, mutual exchange of information. We want to impress you just as much as we want to learn about you. Dress as "yourself"—just as you would in class. But don't be shy. This is not the time to be modest. We trust that you are already at the interview because you have demonstrated your significant intelligence and technical abilities in the past—on many occasions. Today, we are particularly interested in what makes you an outstanding candidate.

Oracle values individuality, and written words cannot fully describe you. In an approximately 30-minute interview, we want to hear about what you've done—your achievements, your awards, and everything that makes you proud. We want to understand your personality—something your resume could never begin to depict. What are your interests? How do you show your creativity? What's the secret behind your drive? What is it that you care about most?

In an informal setting, we will begin to share the qualities that make Oracle the great company that it is. We'll give it our best. You give it your best—at this informational exchange, we'll discuss a very serious topic—your future—in a relaxed environment.

What should I expect in an on-site interview?
Congratulations. Now that you are at the on-site interview, the ball is often likely to land in your court. Expect to meet with various groups in a friendly atmosphere. We believe that we are likely to offer an ideal position matching your skills and interests to our product development needs. We may ask you technical questions related to specific projects and products. But you can ask us questions in return. Working with people you like is important. Your colleagues may have great influences on your growth, your future, and your happiness. Some of the people you meet will be the actual people you may be working alongside in just a few months—so be sure to introduce yourself and get to know some of your future team members—and future friends at Oracle.

So many exciting opportunities await you at Oracle. Oracle is the information company and has been for more than 30 years. We are always looking for innovative people to join us in creating today's most exciting products and services so enterprises can further harness the extraordinary power of information.

Welcome to Oracle.

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