Letter from the Vice President of College Recruiting

Welcome to Oracle's College Recruiting Web site, where you can find exactly what you need to make the best career choice for you.

We encourage you to make the right choice for yourself without being pressured by "deadlines." To help you make that choice, we've produced Projects at Oracle (PDF), written exclusively for you, the Oracle candidate, by product developers and management across the corporation. Although not all-inclusive, it illustrates the wide spectrum of products and projects under development here at Oracle. This detailed document is the most comprehensive overview of ongoing development projects at Oracle today.

Many of these projects take place at HQ, in Redwood Shores, CA, near San Francisco. Important projects also take place in development centers located in choice United States cities—and in exciting locations worldwide. Whether you want to live in Redwood Shores, CA; Denver, Colorado; New York City; Nashua, New Hampshire; or Burlington, Massachusetts, Oracle can find a place for you.

Amazon.com. Excite. Yahoo. Google. As we celebrate more than three decades of information management, these are just a few of the leading companies that rely on Oracle to ensure the success of their e-businesses. With our enduring legacy of high-technology innovations, Oracle is in an unprecedented competitive position and well positioned to continue to play a giant role in the Internet economy. Today, a majority of the Web's most popular sites depend on Oracle's ability to handle huge numbers of users and enormous quantities of information. Why? Early on, Oracle understood the power of the Internet and electronic commerce.

Leading companies worldwide use Oracle software to manage everything--from personal information to giant multimedia libraries that serve up information on demand. Oracle software runs on almost every popular computer and supports not only structured alphanumeric data, but also unstructured text, images, audio, and video. Information moves instantly from those who have it to those who need it. And, Oracle supports all popular operating systems, including Linux, Unix, and NT.

It is an exciting time for the computer industry and those who work in it. Oracle provides everything you need to develop, deploy, run, and manage Internet applications. Our products and services are offered in more than 100 countries. We offer leading-edge applications and technologies for automating and transforming businesses into e-businesses. We work with the latest technology, from mobile and wireless to XML and Java:

Database Server. A market leader in grid computing, Oracle has produced the world's first commercial, grid-ready database, making computing an ever-present commodity.

Middleware. With our acquisition of BEA completed, we are proud to feature the world's fastest growing family of middleware products. Our middleware products, from the application server to content management, business intelligence, and identity management, are generating huge product revenues. Our offerings, including strengthened middleware and other recent acquisitions, position us for continued success in the enterprise market and super-fast growth in the small and medium business market while we drive depth into our enterprise application portfolio.

Applications. Important development work is behind Fusion, a suite based on open standards and integrating the best of our application product lines. With these and other Oracle products, including mobile, voice, communication, enterprise search, data hubs, services, On Demand hosting for accessing software as a service (SAAS), and more, the world's businesses can compete and profit.

And who says work can't be entertaining? Oracle actively supports the latest communication tools internally and externally, from Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 applications to social applications and networking sites, blogs, wikis, podcasts, portal mashups, and digital media.

We also take responsibility and contribute to our community: Oracle is proud to be a green company and supports environmental protection commercially in our solutions, internally in how we run our operations, and through global employee volunteer programs. Oracle On Demand, through which customers outsource hosting and management of Oracle business solutions to Oracle, for example, is an EPA green partner. Improving the environmental efficiency of data centers is just one way Oracle is helping to protect the environment.

No doubt working with today's technology is exciting, but not everyone realizes how many fun perks we offer. See for yourself: we invite you to tour our recently revamped Oracle College Recruiting Web site. Learn about what we eat at our many cafes, where we exercise and socialize (check out our onsite corporate fitness center), how we network through the variety of clubs and activities we offer, why so many of us volunteer in our community, and much more. We hope you seriously consider Oracle as your career choice and look forward to meeting you.

Larry Lynn
Vice President of Recruiting

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A comprehensive book of Projects at Oracle