Intern Profiles


Monica Sun School Graduated: MIT
Class of 2007, 2008
Title/Division: Applications Engineer, Applications, Fusion Development

What attracted you to Oracle?
My summer internship with Oracle helped me make the final decision to join the group full-time. Many aspects attracted me—I enjoyed working with the team members, and I was familiar with what the upcoming projects entailed, including general business processes and the development cycle. In addition, the chance to work on a new product during its final stages of development was also an incentive.

Please describe your best memories here.
My best memories are working on Fusion V1 and getting to know my team members. There are several other developers on my team who are also recent grads, so more often than not, my work environment has felt like being back at school again. I’m grateful for the bonding experience of learning framework tools, helping each other debug code, and spending time with colleagues.

What is it about the Oracle environment that has maintained your interest?
Working on Fusion V1, I've learned about how the development cycle works end-to-end. Since I joined at a time when the process was well underway, the environment has been quite hectic and busy with the impending product release; this has definitely encouraged us to work efficiently under pressure.

Please describe your current position at Oracle.
I'm an Applications Engineer in Fusion CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The projects that my team has been developing for V1 are relatively new. As a result, I've had the chance to be involved in the initial design phases and develop from scratch. Moreover, many of the modules are integrated with other products, so I've also been able to work with other teams within Oracle and learn about their products as well.

Any other words of advice?
Much like many soon-to-be grads, I remember approaching the job-searching process with both excitement and uncertainty. After all, without any previous full-time experience, it was an interesting challenge to try to paint a complete picture of a full-time position through interviews alone. I would encourage college students to ask a lot of questions during the interviews. Acronyms and business terms aside, try to get a sense of what the projects are really about and what role the specific team plays within the company.


Jessie Heng School Graduated: UW-Madison
Class of 2008
Title: Member of Technical Staff
Current Division: Database Security

What attracted you to Oracle?
The most powerful database system in the world; the responsible, diverse, and creative teams; the competitive salaries, benefits, and facilities...

Please describe your best memories here.
I love spending time in the Oracle gym. The aerobics classes and all kinds of leagues keep me refreshed and energetic. I have joined the Oracle 5k fun run/walk for the past three years; this is a very fun event. Our yearly team event also left lots of good memories every time. Last year, we played volleyball, rock climbing and puzzle games. The previous year, we played paintball. Everyone got to know each other better and grew closer through these fun activities.

The San Francisco Helicopter Ride during my internship was also an exciting experience.

What is it about the Oracle environment that has maintained your interest?
I have been learning every day. Working with the most experienced and smartest engineers keeps me motivated and creative. There are always opportunities to work with other teams and to explore and develop my new interests.

Can you describe your first job at Oracle?
I first worked at Oracle as a summer intern in 2007. It was an amazing experience. Intern lunches, talks from Oracle VPs, and working on projects with my team let me know what Oracle is like. This experience made me very eager to join Oracle as a full-time employee later. I also enjoyed the nice housing, free rental cars, and fun helicopter ride in San Francisco.

Please describe your current position at Oracle.
I am currently working in the Oracle Database Security team as a software engineer. It is a very active and creative team. We are continually exploring new ideas and technologies to improve our system all the time. Helping our customers like government agencies, large banks, and other enterprises makes me realize the importance of my work, which motivates me to work more responsibly and efficiently.

The other reason my job is awesome is that our managers keep everyone's interests and career goals in mind. Each teammate can work on the topics that interest them. Also, there are lots of resources available when I want to improve myself. These include classes, seminars, talks, books, and teammates.

What else do you do at Oracle besides coding?
Coding is only a small part of my work. I usually spend a lot of time investigating security issues, thinking of new ideas, discussing possible solutions, and collecting suggestions and comments before I actually implement a project. Knowing the cutting-edge technology and keeping customers' needs in mind are very important. Communication with teammates and asking for their advice also helps me a lot.

What fun perks does Oracle offer?
Free drinks, nice coffee, variety of food, gym, fun games/classes, company volunteer programs, education programs, employee discounts, California's nice weather, and a great location...

How will you achieve your career goals at Oracle?
I will take advantage of the resources Oracle provides. I will try to improve my communication skills, management skills, and my knowledge by cooperating with different people on different projects. Also, I may further my education when necessary.

Any other words of advice?
Oracle is a place for you to challenge and improve yourself. It has a variety of groups in database, applications, and middleware divisions. There are always opportunities to develop your interest and achieve your career goals at Oracle.

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