My Oracle Internship

Neema Jalali (Intern Title: Developer)

"Working at Oracle was a terrific experience. I worked in a fun and relaxed setting...and felt like I really made a significant contribution to my group and its product. Memorable experience: Besides the helicopter trip under the Golden Gate Bridge, I will never forget going to the gym with my co-workers every morning for a month and watching World Cup soccer games on the big screen."


Belinda Gu (Stanford University)

"I worked in the Web UI group of ECM (part of Oracle Collaboration Suite). I had never worked for such a large company before or on such a large project. In school, I had grown accustomed to working on small, solo projects. This was a great experience—learning how programming functions on a large scale, with a complex product and many different contributors. It was much more than just programming: I had to write specs, design and redesign, communicate with different groups, file and fix bugs. Most of all, it was so rewarding to know that my work was contributing towards a real product—something that will actually be used in the 'real world'."

"The helicopter ride was also very exciting. I had never been on a helicopter before, so it was a unique experience being able to look down on San Francisco from so close above."


Jonathan Rhodes (MIT)

"My internship in the Analyst Relations and Competitive Intelligence team gave me a fantastic, umbrella-like perspective of the business software industry. Because I was working with people in both apps and tech, I got a better view of who the major players are, what they specialize in, and what their strategy and attitude seem to be."

"Highlights of my summer included the following:

  • Working with an incredibly friendly and warm group of people.
  • Living in California!—the weather is soooo much better than Boston.
  • Learning some interesting lessons in corporate politics from my manager.
  • Designing and building an application from scratch that would eventually be used by the 30-member team.
  • Discovering that Java could be run from within the Oracle database.
  • After six weeks of research and testing, finally getting my interface between HTML DB and OCS Calendar working! :)
  • Working with countless people in the OTN Forums and in various groups around Oracle (OCS Calendar, HTML DB, in particular) to gather information and solve problems. Everyone was so incredibly helpful!
  • Running into Oracle Co-President Charles Phillips in the elevator (and being invited to try out for an Oracle basketball team).
  • I had another perk unique to my internship—an offsite in Newport, RI! We stayed at a nice hotel, had a low-key day of meetings, went for a yacht ride in the afternoon and out to dinner at a nice restaurant. It was so cool seeing the team come together from around the globe, putting faces to names that I would be working with for the rest of the summer.
  • The helicopter ride was awesome! SF is a beautiful city. And that was my first time on a helicopter. Oh, and the lunch afterward was nice also."


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