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If you're wondering what you—as an Oracle employee—will be doing a few years from now, check out our portraits of recent hires and where they are today. Here, in their own words, some previous college recruits tell what attracted them to Oracle, what kept their interest, and, of course, what exciting projects they are working on. Along the way, they share some of their best memories and some words of advice for you as you start your exploration of opportunities at Oracle.


Obehi Ukpebor

Massachuchetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Class of 2013
x86 Systems, Software Engineer

Why did you decide to join Oracle?
I was impressed with the opportunity to be part of a large organization where I can learn interdisciplinary skills from working with multiple teams.

What do you like most about your current position?
Significant interaction with multiple development and test teams, all working together to achieve one goal of releasing a product on time. I get to learn about different aspects of the product, and also see things from other teams perspectives.

Describe your team environment and Oracle's culture.
I work with very fun team members willing to share their experiences and help me grow.
I have a very supportive manager, who entrusts employees and supports their ideas.
Oracle provides a very comfortable work environment where you can easily share your ideas, socialize with people, and work from home if necessary.

What is it about Oracle that has maintained your interest since you joined?
Job stability and ease of transfer from one team to another.


Arjun Santhanam

Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2016
Software Developer, Oracle Cloud Customer Experience – Fusion Service Mobile Team

Why did you decide to join Oracle?
First, I got a team of my choice. I am passionate about developing mobile applications. Now, I develop mobile application features for Oracle’s CRM. Second, Oracle provides flexibility.. So I can assure that an Oracle employee will have work-life balance. This gives significant time for an employee to pursue other interests.

What do you like most about your current position?
Being a software developer in Oracle Fusion Service Mobile team, innovation has become constant. The mobile version of Oracle’s CRM is totally new to the market and there hasn’t been a single day where I have stopped thinking creatively. There is always scope for new features. The most exciting part is that I am responsible for getting the proof of concepts done! Once the Product Manager approves it, it goes into the entire product suite. I get to be the “agent of change” to enhance customer’s experience while they use the product. It is great feeling and that keeps me going!

Describe your team environment and Oracle's culture.
I work for Oracle Fusion Service Mobile team. There have been times where my manager and I would take a walk along the Bay Trail and discuss on how we can improve our product. Whenever I run into any technical issues, there are always senior developers to whom I can reach out at odd times. We have team lunches on demo days. Café 300 has the best cakes! That has indeed become a common place for meeting people from different teams and enjoying a sip of latte. Really, a great place to network!


James Bensson

Stanford University, Class of 2014
Developer, Universal Storage Management (USM)

Why did you decide to join Oracle?
While in graduate school, I developed a passion for system-level programming. Since Oracle builds suites of products spanning the software-stack: from enterprise GUI applications to low-level kernel drivers, it seemed like a perfect fit.

What do you like most about your current position?
I'm faced with new challenges and given the opportunity to learn new things on a daily basis.

Describe your team environment and Oracle's culture.
My team is experienced, friendly, brilliant, and focused on great engineering which has allowed me to learn from people who have witnessed the computer evolution first hand and gain from their experience.
Also, Oracle's developer culture is very conducive to learning. My manager has consistently supported me in reading and educating myself properly before attacking the challenges at hand.

What is it about Oracle that has maintained your interest since you joined?
I get to learn new things and solve challenging problems every day. What could be better?

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