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If you're wondering what you—as an Oracle employee—will be doing a few years from now, check out our portraits of recent hires and where they are today. Here, in their own words, some previous college recruits tell what attracted them to Oracle, what kept their interest, and, of course, what exciting projects they are working on. Along the way, they share some of their best memories and some words of advice for you as you start your exploration of opportunities at Oracle.


Leor Chechik

Stanford University, Class of 2006
Project Leader, Oracle Fusion Financials Development

Describe your best Oracle memories.
Some of my best memories include volunteering at Oracle OpenWorld and getting to meet our customers and talk to them about the products I've implemented—it was great to see the great results of our efforts. I've also had great experiences meeting members of our global team who have visited over the years from India and Europe. I enjoyed getting to know them in person, and it had a very positive impact on our team bonding.

Why is Oracle the place for you?
It's an extremely flexible, results-oriented environment, which allows me a lot of independence in planning the best use of my time. In addition, we have amazing facilities for taking a break: a beautiful campus complete with trails and wildlife, an impressive gym, and delicious food!


Elizabeth Lingg

Stanford University, Class of 2009
Manager, Fusion GRC Development Team

How has your experience with Oracle been?
I have had many opportunities to grow technically, and to develop new skills such as management and product strategy. I enjoyed working on new products with small groups of engineers, essentially "start ups" within Oracle. I also enjoyed working on the latest technologies in AI and big data as well as wearables and the Internet of Things. I was able to get several patents/publications for original research.

What have you learned about your surroundings, team, experience, etc?
Being on my team has been a great experience. Individuals are very smart, hard working, motivated, and pretty humble. Since it is a start up acquired by Oracle, there is a great deal of innovative, research oriented thinking.

Describe your career advancement at Oracle
Oracle is a great place to grow technically and professionally. I was given opportunities for career advancement based on performance.

I began as a Software Engineer, was promoted to Senior Software Engineer and then promoted to Software Development Manager/Tech Lead. I was also given the opportunity to explore new roles in Project and Product Management when creating a new product in a very small team.

Why Oracle?
I chose Oracle, because I loved the team (the people and the opportunity to work in research and development and use AI techniques) and had the flexibility of moving to the location of my choice (NYC).


Christian David Straub

Brown University, Class of 2003
Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Application Development Framework

Describe your role and its fun challenges.
My team builds Oracle's application development framework, the underlying code that powers Oracle's applications and middleware. As a framework team, we constantly have to adapt to new technologies, platforms, and ideas. Our team started with desktop applications, moved to web-based technologies, and is now concentrating on building mobile development frameworks. My recent involvement is to spearhead projects that take technologies that are traditionally done in a desktop development environment and move that to the web. We are currently building web-based frameworks for developing both traditional web applications and also mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Since we are at the forefront of the developer experience, we constantly have to react to new technologies and promote our own solutions. Despite an incredible, rich ecosystem, both web and mobile are still nascent in many areas, and it's an incredibly fun and rewarding experience to contribute our own technology to those spaces.

Describe your team environment and Oracle's culture.
Our team environment is very collegial. We often spend time in the morning drinking lattes and discussing what new things are happening in the technology world and how they could apply to the things we are building. I find that Oracle coworkers are very approachable and are very willing to discuss ideas and solutions, and to work with you to solve hard problems while contributing their specific areas of expertise. Although our projects are ambitious and the problems are often challenging, I find that we often take a measured and thoughtful approach to problem solving.

Oracle as a company is very competitive and out to succeed. Our goal when building something is not to just check off a requirement list, but rather to build a product or technology that is best-of-breed.


Malarvizhi (Malar) Narayanasamy Velappan

Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2007
Principal Product Manager, Oracle Fusion CRM

What is it about the Oracle environment that has maintained your interest?
Challenges! You never feel short of one if you are passionate about your work. It is exciting to have fresh problems to solve as the product continues to evolve. The opportunities for growth are also tremendous in a variety of dimensions—technical, functional, managerial, personal.

How would you sum up working for Oracle?
Oracle gives me an image of a good pool of talented people, thoughtful leaders, and visionaries. I am amazed by the ideas galore that metamorphose into successful products/solutions at Oracle. I enjoy contributing to the powerful roadmaps and the demanding customer base in the industry. Oracle is the place to be to promote entrepreneurial spirit and career growth.


Hugh Zhang

Cornell University, Class of 2007
Senior Development Manager, Oracle Application Development Framework Data Visualization

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role?
I've experienced several different roles at Oracle during my years here, from software development to management, and at each step there has been a different set of challenges and responsibilities that I have had to embrace. The most rewarding aspect throughout my career has been seeing my customers uptake my products and helping them successfully ship theirs. Seeing one of my components demoed for the first time at a JavaOne keynote by our senior VP (when I was a junior developer) will always be one of my fondest memories.

How would you sum up working for Oracle?
I work in the Oracle ADF Data Visualization team, which provides the components used by the Oracle Fusion Applications teams and external customers to build web applications. Working for a global power like Oracle, I know that my contribution will be seen and used by tens of thousands of developers and millions of end users. Pressure both internally and externally keeps us constantly innovating on our product and making sure we maintain a competitive edge by leveraging the newest technologies. It's a challenging and fast-paced environment, but one where you know your work will be appreciated. With such a vast array of products and offerings, there is plenty of room for career growth for those motivated to get places.

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