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Oracle provides internship opportunities to assist people from all backgrounds in exploring careers at a technology company and encourage interest in IT-related fields. The internships help with the development of up-to-date skills that are needed in today's workplace. In the US our programs include:

  • Computer Training Program, Berkeley (CTP) Internships: Oracle partners with CTP to provide short-term internships for individuals with disabilities.
  • Oracle Corporate Scholars Internship Program, in partnership with the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), provides students who attend the 39-member historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) with an eight-week paid internship experience at Oracle.
  • Oracle Injured Veteran Intern Program is a one-year internship to enhance the professional and personal development of veterans injured in Afghanistan or Iraq.
  • Oracle One-Year Internship Program provides college graduates from underrepresented groups with a one-year internship experience that allows them to make the connection between their studies and the business world. Through this program, interns become fully integrated into Oracle's business and culture.
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