Oracle Celebrates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Community During Pride Week

The rainbow flag, a symbol for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) community, will fly at twelve Oracle campuses during Pride Week, June 17th to June 24, 2012—from the Redwood Shores, CA headquarters to Reston, VA. Additionally, the Dimensions of Diversity Newsletter will recognize Pride Week, with a link to an internal Web site where employees can find out more about the Oracle Lambda Affinity Group and sign up for mailing lists for Oracle LGBT communities around the world.

Helping the LGBT community network and find support is exactly why Oracle Lambda was begun in 1989. The group strives to educate Oracle employees about issues of concern to the community, especially as they relate to diversity in the workplace. Pride Week is important because it makes the community visible, says Justin Field, an active member of Oracle Lambda. "This is especially important given Oracle's recent acquisitions. Often new employees are surprised and pleased to find that there is an LGBT affinity group," Field says.

Today, nearly 200 people are part of Oracle Lambda's main mailing list; subscribers may arrange a gathering for members attending Oracle sales conferences, or exchange information on gay-friendly events around the world. "It's an informal list, and events are open to all employees," Field says. "It's very much a model of, if employees want to organize something, the list is there. It's open, it's public, it's for employees to use and organize something."

Oracle has supported both Oracle Lambda and Pride Week because our employees care about it. Oracle strives to create a culture of respect and inclusiveness for all employees. Gay Pride Week provides us with another opportunity for our employees to feel included and supported.

Field says he appreciates Oracle's strong support. "It's an important message from the corporate side, to say we support all of our employees," he says. "And this is an opportunity to demonstrate respect for each other."

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