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Individual Growth and Success

For Oracle to grow and succeed, our employees also need to continue to grow and succeed. Recognizing that everyone has his or her own learning style and goal, Oracle provides the following programs to all employees:

  • Destination: Success: Oracle's Organization Talent and Development organization is focused on building organizational success through our people. To do this, we have a range of tools, programs, and learning solutions available to enable employees to
    • Maximize their personal performance and success.
    • Achieve career and development goals.
    • Manage their teams for peak performance.
    • Develop their leadership capabilities.
    • Develop their organizations.
  • Mentoring: Regardless of our employees' current roles or assignments, they can benefit from the insight and assistance of someone who has experienced challenges that will help grow their careers. Our employees don't go it alone: we encourage all styles of mentoring to enable our employees to grow and make larger contributions in the future.
  • Oracle Women's Leadership (OWL): This program aims to increase the engagement and development of our current and future generations of women leaders at Oracle by offering opportunities that support, educate, and empower them. OWL activities are open to all employees. OWL conducted more than 100 events, reaching more than 6,000 employees, and 50 communities worldwide
  • Inclusion Matters Webcasts: These webcasts promote leadership development and employee engagement, and they assist all employees in the US with developing inclusive leadership skills at all levels of the organization.

Oracle Education Foundation

The Oracle Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle to advance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, assisting students in the development of skills needed for success in the twenty-first century.

Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy provides a complete portfolio of software, curriculum, hosted technology, faculty training, support, and certification resources to K-12, vocational, and higher education institutions for teaching use. Institutions may elect to participate in any of the three program options.

  • Introduction to Computer Science: Prepares faculty to teach their students database, programming, and business skills—offered free of charge.
  • Advanced Computer Science: Provides students with hands-on access to Oracle database and middleware software.
  • Enterprise Business Applications: Provides students with hands-on access to Oracle applications software used in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Support for Online Learning

Oracle awarded two $1 million Oracle Commitment Grants to the Lawrence Hall of Science, the University of California at Berkeley's public center dedicated to inspiring learning in science and math, 2009-2012. Both grants funded the KidzScience program and supported the participation of 195,000 students over the four-year grant period. These grants also funded creation of the new KidzScience website, which provides inquiry-rich, free-choice science experiences for kids, parents, and educators.

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