Oracle iRecruitment, a Complete, End-to-End Hiring Solution

Can I search for Oracle jobs using the iRecruitment system without registering?

Yes you can; however, if you decide to apply for a job you must register prior to applying.

Can I search for Oracle jobs anywhere in the world using the iRecruitment system?

You you can.

Am I using the correct job site to search and apply for jobs posted in the iRecruitment system?

If you are new to Oracle or hoping to return to Oracle or a contractor, you are at the right spot. If you are currently employed by Oracle as a regular employee, temporary employee, or student/intern, you are required to apply for Oracle jobs using the internal iRecruitment job site available under Employee Self Service. Using this site to apply for a transfer within the country or internationally will cause significant delays and may cause rejection of the transfer.

How do I register and apply for a job using this site?

If you are not currently employed by Oracle, please follow this simple three-step process to register and apply for jobs.

Step 1. Create your account

Click the Account button in the login section of the iRecruitment home page. On the Account Creation page, you can create your own login account (account name and password). Once you have successfully created your account, you will have a unique login with which you can proceed to step 2 of this process.

If you already have an account, click the Login link in the login section of the iRecruitment home page. Enter your unique login information to proceed to step 2 of the process.

Step 2. Create your iRecruitment candidate profile

Once you login, you can create your candidate profile. This will include the following:

  • Identify yourself either as a new candidate or a former employee of Oracle. See the note below for descriptions of each category. Be sure to identify yourself correctly as misclassification could lead to delays in the hiring process.
  • Upload your latest resume and other supporting documents.
  • Enter your personal information (name, address etc).
  • Enter your educational details.
  • Enter your work experience.
  • Set your preferences.

Once you have successfully created your candidate profile you will be able to apply for jobs.

Note: Classify yourself as a new candidate if you fit into one of these categories:

  • You have never worked for Oracle as an employee, temporary worker, or student/intern
  • You have worked as a contractor or are currently a contractor at Oracle
  • You have worked for a company that has been acquired by Oracle but you did not come over during the acquisition

Classify yourself as a former employee if you were previously employed as a regular employee, a temporary employee, or student/intern by Oracle or any of its subsidiaries worldwide. In order for the system to identify you, you will need to provide the following information from your previous employment at Oracle:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Former Oracle e-mail address
  • Date of birth

Step 3. Apply for jobs

You can search and apply for jobs from your iRecruitment candidate home page. You can gain access to this page by using your login account after you have successfully completed steps 1 and 2. You can search for jobs using the search criteria provided.

Here are some additional things to know when you apply for a job:

  • Be sure to review your iRecruitment candidate profile for correctness.
  • Ensure that you have uploaded the correct version of your resume and any other supporting documents that you included.
  • Be sure to enter additional information requested as legislated by local governance (where applicable).
  • Be sure to review your application on the review page for correctness before you submit your application.

Will I hear from Oracle after applying for a job?

The iRecruitment system is designed so that applicants can check the status of a job as they have time or interest. As managers progress through the hiring process, the system reflects the status of the open position. We do send a notification with specific instructions if a candidate is being considered for an offer.

How do I get help if I have a question or a problem using the iRecruitment system?

For issues with the iRecruitment system, send an e-mail with a detailed description to

When I log in an Unexpected Error message appears.

  • Reset your password
    If you are still not able to log in, proceed to the following:

  • Go to My Profile
    Note: Do not log in.
  • Register using the Sign Up button.
  • Fill in all required fields.
  • Log in.

If these steps do not solve your problem, contact support.

Oracle 1-800-633-0738