Corporate Citizenship Report 2012 - Impact on Education

Oracle works to advance education with state-of-the-art technology programs that awaken and deepen students' interest in computer science and engineering.

Education | Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report

Advancing Education Globally

Supporting Education

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Oracle and the Oracle Education Foundation have supported K-12 schools, vocational schools, and colleges and universities since 1993.

In FY11 and FY12, the Oracle Academy delivered more than US$4 billion in Oracle software, curriculum, faculty training, and certification resources to tens of thousands of K-12 and higher-education institutions globally. Further, Oracle donated nearly US$13 million in cash and in-kind resources to help the Oracle Education Foundation implement its award-winning ThinkQuest program, and nearly US$5 million in cash to support other nonprofit organizations that emphasize science, technology, engineering, and math education.

Each year, Oracle's education initiatives reach more than 2 million students in 97 countries, helping them develop vital technology skills for life and work in the twenty-first century.

Awards and Recognition
USAID Macedonia Primary Education Public-Private Partnership Award

The Oracle Education Foundation received the USAID Macedonia Primary Education Public-Private Partnership Award in FY12.

Oracle in Action
Oracle Funds Alice and Greenfoot

Oracle Funds Alice and Greenfoot

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