Oracle Supports Comic Relief UK

Comic Relief, one of the most widely recognized charity organizations in the United Kingdom (UK), strives to create a world free from poverty by leveraging the power of entertainment. Since its inception in 1985, the organization has raised more than a billion dollars to drive positive change in 70 countries.

Every year, Comic Relief raises the majority of its budget through a massive charity event with high profile television coverage. The event alternates annually between Comic Relief and Sport Relief. Each event generates a huge influx of donations that are processed through the Comic Relief website. Since 2001, Oracle has been donating software and support to help Comic Relief operate this important website.

Comic Relief is the biggest televised fundraiser in the UK, reaching an audience of 10 million people in one evening. In 2011, more than 1.5 million visitors accessed the Comic Relief website during the six-hour show. Simultaneously, 10,000 call center operators used the site to process donations. Transactions peaked at 214 per second and a record-breaking US$174 million in donations were processed.

Sport Relief is a fundraising campaign that engages more than one million people to participate in sporting events such as foot races and tournaments. It culminates in a BBC-hosted telethon, featuring a wide range of entertainers and inspiring documentaries. Sport Relief donations, also processed through the Comic Relief website, exceeded US$108 million in 2012.

"We only have one chance to get everything right," said Phil Latham, head of future media and technology, Comic Relief UK. "Therefore, we need to test thoroughly. Testing is carried out for three months prior to each major fundraising event. For every campaign, Oracle has met Comic Relief's critical requirements for availability and performance."