Corporate Citizenship Report 2012 - Company Overview

Oracle's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct articulates the behavior required of all employees globally.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct | Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report

It addresses the following:

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Employees are expected to operate within the bounds of all laws, regulations, and internal policies applicable to Oracle‘s business, wherever we conduct it. Where local laws are less restrictive than Oracle's code, they are obliged to comply with the code, even if their conduct would be otherwise legal. On the other hand, if local laws are more restrictive than Oracle's code, employees must always, at a minimum, comply with those laws.
  • Oracle's Compliance and Ethics Program: Oracle's Compliance and Ethics Program, with the support of Oracle's executive management and Board of Directors, aims to ensure that all employees, business partners, and suppliers adhere to high ethical business standards. With general oversight from the General Counsel, the Compliance and Ethics Program is led globally by the Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer.
  • Oracle's Integrity Helpline: Oracle's Integrity Helpline is available to employees, contractors, business partners, and other stakeholders. It can be used to raise concerns or seek guidance on ethical business practices relating to conflicts of interest, antitrust, auditing and accounting, insider trading, political contributions, use of confidential information, export controls, immigration, general commercial or government contracting, discrimination or harassment, workplace violence, and a variety of other topics.
  • Business Conduct: Employees are obliged to conduct internal and external business fairly and ethically.
  • Oracle's Relationships: Employees are expected to interact respectfully with one another, our customers, partners, suppliers, and host communities. We expect our partners and suppliers to adhere to the standards of the Oracle Partner Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and the Oracle Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, respectively. Further, we require our partners and suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to ensure that all goods and services provided by them conform to all applicable legal standards.

Compliance, Ethics, and Business Conduct Curriculum

To help employees understand and uphold the code, Oracle offers online courses, including the following.

Course Description
Anti-Corruption and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Trains employees to conduct business ethically and in accordance with Oracle policy and the law.
Ethics and Business Conduct Trains employees to apply the code in their daily work.
Sexual Harassment Awareness Teaches employees to recognize and report actions that may constitute sexual harassment.
Information Protection Awareness Teaches employees how to protect information at Oracle and how to apply Oracle’s security and privacy policies and practices to their jobs.
Oracle Software Security Assurance Explains to employees the processes to be followed during product development, and describes how to handle security vulnerability.
Insider Trading Trains employees to fully comply with applicable insider trading and securities laws governing transactions in the securities of Oracle and other companies.
Employee Health and Safety Awareness Trains employees to identify and understand workplace hazards, and to comply with all applicable health and safety laws, regulations, and other requirements.
Awards and Recognition
Corporate Responsibility Magazine logo

In FY11 and FY12, Corporate Responsibility Magazine named Oracle one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens.

Oracle in Action
Oracle Supports Comic Relief UK

Oracle Supports Comic Relief UK

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