Oracle Engages with the Community to Foster Learning

Oracle understands that students don't always grasp the enormous importance of studying math and science. That is why the company periodically hosts events that help students see the real-world impact of what they are learning in school.

Oracle hosted a Development Day for high school students from Chicago's public schools. During this event, Oracle employees spoke with more than 40 teens, explaining how math and science skills are the building blocks of a successful career in technology. "The students were engaged and asked very good questions," says Erica Daniel, an Oracle senior sales consulting manager. "This was a great opportunity for Oracle to interact with the community."

Oracle partner Black Data Professional Associates (BDPA) also participated in the Oracle Development Day. BDPA helped students see "From high school to the boardroom" in a presentation that emphasized how technology, communication, and critical thinking skills are crucial for success in the twenty-first century. The students received a one-year membership to BDPA to encourage them to connect with technology careers.

During the summer of 2011, Oracle sponsored an internship program with the Chicago public schools (CPS). Brenda Wilkerson, information technology cluster manager for CPS, remarked on the internship's motivating impact. "Students want to understand the connection between what they learn in the classroom and what happens in the real world. Internships like this one really help them to do this."