Energy Efficiency at Oracle Headquarters

Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, encompasses eleven buildings and houses a conference center, auditorium, and fitness center. Totaling almost 2 million square feet, our headquarters campus is an example of how dramatic energy reductions can be achieved when businesses focus on sustainable management practices and implement energy-saving technologies.

Since 2000, we have reduced our electricity and natural gas use at Oracle headquarters by 28 percent and 25.4 percent, respectively.

Oracle was the first company in the IT industry to join the US Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders program in 2004. Our membership in Climate Leaders followed from our participation in the late 1990s in Green Lights, an EPA program in which companies voluntarily agreed to install energy-efficient lighting. As a result of the energy reduction we achieved through Green Lights, we received a California Energy Commission award to develop and implement power reduction strategies at Oracle headquarters.

Assessing Our Status

In 2000, the California Energy Commission and Pacific Gas and Electric granted Oracle $543,000 to participate in a pilot program designed to engage California companies to adopt sustainable facilities management practices. We used this grant to evaluate every electric outlet on our headquarters campus.

We assessed the load being placed on each outlet by lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), servers, computers, and other office equipment. Further, we documented the business need of each item that required electricity, eliminating unnecessary usage. For those items that were necessary for our business, we assessed whether their use could be controlled by new technologies in order to save energy.

Our analysis suggested that we could reduce our energy use and long-term costs by implementing new technology. For example, HVAC system and control upgrades would yield significant energy savings, as would lighting system and control upgrades, and domestic hot water controls.

Our investment paid off quickly. In 2001, just one year after implementation, we cut our electricity and natural use by 9.8% and 15.1%, respectively.

Investing in New Technologies

Encouraged by these results, Oracle has continued to invest in technology and set aggressive yearly targets for energy reduction. In 2011, we used 28% less electricity and 25.4% less natural gas at Oracle headquarters than we did in 2000. And we are now expanding our energy efficiency programs to Reston, Virginia; Reading, United Kingdom; Hyderabad, India; and other owned facilities worldwide.

Best Practices