Oracle Women's Leadership

Oracle Women's Leadership (OWL), a leadership and professional development program founded in 2006, supports the growth of current and emerging women leaders within Oracle. Guided by an executive steering committee of 15 senior leaders, OWL is a global community that recognizes the value of networking, mentoring, lifelong learning, and "paying it forward."


Nearly 100 women from Oracle's senior management lead 50 OWL communities globally, educating current and future generations of women leaders. In FY11 and FY12, OWL conducted 275 events that engaged more than 7,000 employees.

Road Show Events

In FY11, OWL hosted leadership development and networking events in several regions around the world under the theme "Leadership Starts with One."

In Reston, Virginia, OWL featured keynote speaker Rudy Corsi, Oracle senior vice president, followed by a panel discussion—titled "Inclusion Matters"—with four senior Oracle executives.

In Nice, France, OWL convened more than 60 women senior managers for a two-day networking and professional development event. Loïc Le Guisquet, Oracle executive vice president for EMEA, remarked on OWL's importance, saying, "OWL helps Oracle build closer relationships with our customers. OWL members' experience-sharing and communication across lines of business enable us to serve our customers better."

Global Women's Leadership Summit

In FY12, OWL hosted 250 senior women leaders from around the world at the second Global Women's Leadership Summit in Redwood Shores, California. The event featured a variety of perspectives on leadership, including keynote addresses and panel discussions with Oracle customers and partners.

Oracle Chief Executive Officers Safra Catz and Mark Hurd addressed the summit. Ms. Catz shared her leadership philosophies and experiences in a keynote presentation titled "Leading from the Top, Leading Globally, and Leading Beyond." Mr. Hurd spoke about the importance of OWL and workplace diversity as a part of Oracle's growth strategy, and our commitment to being among the best customer-facing enterprises in the world.

Outreach and Volunteerism

OWL members volunteer in their local communities, motivating young women and girls to explore computer science and engineering. For example:

Kirsten Hanson, senior director of Oracle Organization & Talent and Development, said, "Everyone who succeeds does so with the help of others—mentors, role models, and champions. The best way we can repay our benefactors is to pass the gift along by mentoring a young professional woman or sparking an eighth grade girl's imagination."