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Oracle is a leader in data center energy conservation.

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Energy Efficient Data Centers

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Oracle's energy efficient data centers have been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers.

Customers can use our data centers as an example of how to construct, manage, and build their own efficient data center or they can run their applications on Oracle's public cloud and take advantage of Oracle's power use effectiveness. To learn more about how Oracle products and services can help you optimize your data center and minimize energy use, visit


In 2006, we operated 40 data centers that have now all been consolidated into two major data centers—the Utah Compute Facility and the Austin Data Center—and four smaller data centers (in Colorado, US; Utah, US; Reading, UK; and Linlithgow, UK).

Both of our major data centers have received an ENERGY STAR rating from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Oracle's Utah Compute Facility employs innovative fresh-air cooling technology, and operates at energy usage levels that are 70 percent more efficient than the industry standard.
  • Oracle's Austin Data Center is the first facility to employ hot-air containment technology. This data center operates at energy levels 60 percent below the industry average.

Oracle replaces older hardware systems with energy-efficient Sun servers as appropriate.

Effective Power Use

Oracle's Utah Compute Facility's PUE rating is 1.3, 70 percent more efficient than the industry standard.

Innovation Fuels Energy Efficiency

Oracle data centers house 43,000 servers and 11,000 virtual environments that are used to manage the following aspects of our business:

  • Internal data management
  • Cloud services
  • Other customer-related services (e.g., support, training)
  • Product development
  • Website development and provisioning

In addition to using our own engineered systems, Oracle employs the following energy-saving approaches as we manage our data centers:

  • Consolidation: Fewer data centers means less power consumption.
  • Technology Replacement: We refresh and reuse hardware, and replace older systems with energy-efficient Sun servers.
  • Server Virtualization: We use Oracle virtualization technology to enable servers to service more than one business function when necessary.
  • Power Efficiency Management: We reduce uninterruptible power supply (UPS) losses by implementing ECOMode on installed UPS devices, installing branch circuit monitoring, and reducing or eliminating standby energy losses at chiller heater blocks, generator heater blocks, cooling tower sump heaters, and gutter heaters.
  • Cooling: We strive to match the airflow from cooling equipment to the actual cooling needs of our servers and IT equipment. We deploy an intelligent energy management system that allows wireless monitoring and adjusting of cooling controls. Beyond this, in our Utah Compute Facility, we operate a unique cooling system that uses outdoor air to cool the facility 90 percent of the year.
  • Hot-Air Containment: In 2004, we introduced hot-air containment technology and variable airflow cooling in our Austin Data Center. This approach, now adopted by many other data centers, significantly reduces energy consumption by preventing hot air recirculation. This innovation saves approximately 16 million kilowatt hours (kWh) annually—enough energy to power 1,400 Texas homes for a year.
  • Power Concentration: At our Utah Compute Facility, we separate networking and power distribution so computing power can be more concentrated within the data center.

Power Use Effectiveness

Data center energy efficiency is often measured by a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating—the ratio of energy used to run the servers to energy used to run the infrastructure. Oracle's Utah Compute Facility's PUE energy rating is 1.3, 70 percent more efficient that the industry standard.

Awards and Recognition

In FY11 and FY12, Oracle’s Austin Data Center and Utah Compute Facility were EPA ENERGY STAR rated.

Oracle in Action
Energy Efficiency at Oracle Headquarters

Energy Efficiency at Oracle Headquarters

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