Corporate Citizenship Report 2012 - Sustainability

Oracle engages with select organizations to benchmark our energy use performance.

Benchmarking | Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) helps businesses track and report their energy use each year, and Oracle has completed the CDP survey since 2005. Because we present our energy use in the CDP survey by calendar year, in this report we have also applied a calendar year metric to our facilities data. If you are interested in discussing our 2011 CDP survey response with us, please send an e-mail to

LEED Certification

The US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines offer certifications for sustainable construction and real estate operations. Oracle implements LEED best practices across its real estate portfolio and owns two LEED-certified buildings in the US and India.


The US Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR certification signifies strict energy efficiency performance. Buildings that earn the EPA ENERGY STAR rating use at least 35 percent less energy than similar buildings and are considered to be in the top quartile of their class for energy efficiency. Six Oracle-owned facilities in the US are ENERGY STAR certified. They are located in Burlington, Massachusetts; Nashua, New Hampshire; Denver, Colorado; Rocklin, California; and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

BOMA 360

The BOMA 360 program evaluates buildings against industry best practices in sustainability, as well as safety and security. Oracle owns nine buildings that are designated by the BOMA 360 Performance Program. They are located in Burlington, Massachusetts; Orlando, Florida; Denver, Colorado; Reston, Virginia; and Rocklin, California.

Awards and Recognition
Green Power Partner

Every year since 2005, Oracle has been recognized as a Green Power Partner by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Oracle in Action
Energy Efficiency at Oracle Headquarters

Energy Efficiency at Oracle Headquarters

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