Corporate Citizenship Report 2012 - Sustainability

Oracle minimizes energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste at our facilities worldwide.

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Energy Saving Technology

Oracle’s facilities portfolio spans more than 9 million square feet of owned real estate and 14 million square feet of leased space. Having successfully decreased our energy use across our owned facilities, we are now investing in technologies that will enable us to do the same across our leased facilities as well.

The image to the right summarizes the innovative technologies that Oracle has used to increase our energy efficiency to-date.


Examples of Oracle’s energy, water, and waste reduction achievements since 2000 include:

  • A 28 percent decrease in energy use at Oracle headquarters between 2000 and 2011.
  • A 25.4 percent decrease in natural gas use at Oracle headquarters between 2000 and 2011.
  • Goals for 2016

  • Our two major data centers—the Utah Compute Facility (UCF) and the Austin Data Center (ADC)—received an ENERGY STAR rating from the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The Utah Compute Facility runs at energy levels 70 percent more efficient than the industry average, and the Austin Data Center cooling and power distribution systems run at energy levels 60 percent lower than the industry average.
  • We have participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2005.
  • We implement LEED best practices across our facilities, and Oracle owns two LEED certified buildings in the US and India.
  • Six Oracle-owned facilities in the US are ENERGY STAR certified. Nine Oracle owned facilities are BOMA 360 Performance Program designated.
  • Oracle-owned facilities in the United Kingdom have been certified by the UK Carbon Trust Standard for year-over-year carbon reduction.
  • We diverted 185 tons, or 87 percent, of construction and demolition debris from landfill during the construction of our new lab in Santa Clara, California.
  • We recycle or compost 76 percent of the waste produced at Oracle headquarters.
  • Landscaping at Oracle headquarters is irrigated with recycled water, representing 45 percent of all water use in 2011.

Future Goals

Drawing on more than a decade of experience implementing sustainable energy, water, and waste management practices at Oracle headquarters, we are now deploying the best of these practices to our owned and leased facilities worldwide. By 2016, we plan to achieve the goals specified in the image to the right.

Awards and Recognition

Every year since 2005, Oracle has been recognized as a Green Power Partner by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Oracle in Action
Energy Efficiency at Oracle Headquarters

Energy Efficiency at Oracle Headquarters

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