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Attend a demo to compare Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud with Workday. Get an inside look at how Oracle HCM drives innovation in human capital management and learn how to provide value to every person in your organization.

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud vs Workday

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud vs Workday

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud is a complete global human capital and talent management suite. You can work anywhere, using virtually any device, through an intuitive, engaging user interface.

And it's superior to Workday. Here's why:

1. Complete

You can manage all core HR functions, recruiting and end-to-end talent management within Oracle HCM Cloud. Workday requires you to buy additional products that plug significant gaps.

2. In-Context Analytics

Get the right information—and only relevant information—so you can take action faster and make more-informed decisions. Not all of Workday's analytics tools are built-in.

3. Predictive Insights

See into the future. For example, you can be warned if any of your top talent is a flight risk. Workday's traditional business intelligence only provides a rear-view mirror.

4. Talent Management

Oracle Talent Management Cloud delivers leading recruiting and performance management, as recognized by industry analysts. Workday's talent management capabilities are not even ranked by analysts.

5. Social Built-In

Leverage social tools built into the applications. You can collaborate across the workplace as well as sourcing through social channels like LinkedIn.

6. End-to-End Recruiting

Oracle Taleo is a leading, complete solution for sourcing through on-boarding. Oracle has a track record of 300,000,000 job applications over 10-plus years. Workday is just starting out.

7. Collaborative Learning

With Oracle, you get flexible learning experiences—self-study, instructor-led, and collaborative, with discussion forums and chats. Workday doesn't provide anything like that.

8. Upgrades, On Your Schedule

Oracle lets you upgrade when you're ready. Workday forces you to upgrade when it's convenient for them.

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