About Your Oracle Account

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What is an Oracle Account?

An Oracle Account provides access to content, services, and applications across Oracle's various online resources.

Why do I need an Oracle Account?
While much of the content and most services on Oracle.com do not require a login, Oracle has certain communities, events, and services that require users to provide some basic information in order to participate in events or forums, or to download or access select content.

Why should I provide my information?
Your Oracle Account enables access to more of Oracle's collateral, content, and services. It also provides a channel for telling us what topics, products, and communities you're interested in, and a way to manage your e-mail contact preferences.

What does an Oracle Account give me access to?
At a minimum, your account gives you the ability to register for online and in-person events, product information, and online communities. Oracle Account is a simple way for you to specify topic or product interest via the Subscription Center. Additionally, depending on your interest or whether or not you have contracted services, your account may also give you access to select Oracle Services (see table below).

Communities and Services



Additional Registration Steps

Oracle Technology Network (OTN)

Oracle’s premier develop community.  Find detailed product information and download software.

No additional registration needed; your Oracle Account provides you with immediate access.

OTN Forums

OTN discussion forums are for the developer community, where you can interact with peers on development topics, technical product information, etc.

You will need to register for a Forums account and create a Forums 'handle,' which will be used in lieu of your e-mail address Newsletter Subscriptions when posting/answering questions in the forums.

My Oracle Support (MOS)

My Oracle Support is a paid support service portal.  Users have the ability to file service requests and interact with the support teams for contracted services.

You will be required to complete a registration form that includes your Customer Support Identifier. 

Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)

Oracle Partners can access specialized content, order software, and view their partner dashboard.

Partners can register for OPN access online by submitting a partner registration.

Oracle Learning Network (OLN)

OLN users can access online course content and track courses they've taken.

All online courses are hosted on iLearning. Users needs to have an Oracle Account to access this site.


iRecruitment provides a searchable database of all currently open Oracle employment requisitions. Users are able to post their resumes and apply for job postings online.

You will need to provide additional information for an iRecruitment account in order to upload your resume and apply for positions online.

Oracle Store

At the online Oracle Store, you can browse and purchase a wide range of Oracle products, including software licenses, media packs, support services, hardware system components, and spare parts.

Once you have created your Oracle Account you will need to complete an additional brief form to set up an Oracle Store account. You can then purchase items, save a cart for later, or email the cart to a sales representative, partner, or colleague.

Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (OSDC)

The Oracle Software Delivery Cloud enables customers to download software for all licensed Oracle products.

You will need to verify your account prior to accessing the download site.


Account Verification

When creating an Oracle Account, an e-mail verification will be sent to the e-mail address with which you registered. You will be asked to click on the link included in the e-mail to confirm that you are the owner of the account. Once you've done so, a "verified" status will appear on your account profile page. Please note that you have five (5) days from the time of account creation to verify your e-mail account. If five days have elapsed, you will need to log in to the account and click the "verify account" link in order to generate another verification e-mail. The verification may be required by Oracle Websites and services such as My Oracle Support, OPN, OLN, and various others before you are able to continue with registration for access to those sites or services.


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Oracle takes your e-mail preferences seriously. We request that you specify your preference to receive or not receive e-mail communications from Oracle related to our products and services and based on your identified interests.

Control whether or not to receive e-mail from Oracle by selecting to opt in or opt out of Oracle Communications directly on Oracle Account

Newsletter Subscriptions

Oracle has a wide range of product and interest area newsletters to which you can subscribe. Through your Oracle Account page you can select the topics, products, and business focus areas about which you'd like to learn more.

For more information on Oracle Newsletters, see the Oracle Newsletters home page.

Do you have questions about newsletter editorial content, schedules, advertising opportunities, missed issues, or other concerns? Please e-mail the editors at Oracle Information InDepth Newsletters or Oracle's Plugged In Newsletter. Editors will make every attempt to respond to relevant concerns in a timely fashion.

I have an Oracle Account—how do I unsubscribe from receiving Oracle Newsletters?
If you wish to unsubscribe from one or more Oracle newsletters you previously opted-in to, log in to your account and de-select the newsletter subscription(s) that are selected. You will be removed immediately from the distribution list for that newsletter(s).

What if I'm not subscribed to any Oracle Newsletters but wish to stop receiving e-mails from Oracle?
You can opt out of receiving any further marketing communications from Oracle by either:

  1. Logging in to your Oracle Account page and clicking on the "Do Not E-mail" link in the footer of the page.
  2. Going directly to the Do Not E-mail page by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail, entering your e-mail address, and following the instructions on the screen.

    Keep in mind that by adding yourself to the Do Not E-mail list, you will be missing out on newsletters, product announcements, special offers, and event notifications you may have requested in the past. You will continue to receive e-mails for event registration confirmation, account management, membership, purchase, and support and security notifications.

    Note: It may take up to 48 hours for your request to be reflected on your Oracle Account page. When the unsubscribe action is successful, you should see the following message on your Oracle Account page:

    "You are currently on our Do Not E-mail list. If you'd like to receive e-mail communication from Oracle, please opt in to any of our subscriptions".

I am on the Do Not E-mail list; how can I subscribe to new newsletters?
Log in to your Oracle Account, click on Subscription Center, then check the desired Oracle communication(s) you want to receive.

Your subscription request will be updated—note it may take 48 hours for the Do Not E-mail notification to be removed from your Oracle Account page.

If the Do Not E-mail notification continues to appear on your MyProfile page after 48 hours, please send a request to marketing-privacy_ww@oracle.com describing the problem.


What do I do if I'm on the Do Not E-mail list but continue to receive e-mails from Oracle?
Please contact us through the privacy inquiry form so we can resolve your request.

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Oracle and our subsidiaries and affiliates respect your preferences concerning the treatment of personal information that we may collect from your use of Oracle Web sites and your interactions with Oracle offline. Learn more about Oracle's Privacy Policy.

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For login issues related to specific applications, select the application or service you are trying to access to submit a help request.

Still having problems logging in? Submit a help request.

For US-based inquiries, call Oracle Global Customer Support at 1-800-633-0738. For all other countries, use this link to locate your Oracle Global Customer Support contact number.

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How do I create a new account?
Go to Oracle.com and click on the Sign In/Register for Account link, fill out the mandatory fields, then click the 'Create' button. Once the account is created, a verification e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

How do I update my Oracle Account?
Navigate to 'myprofile.oracle.com', log in with your existing credentials, update the required fields, then click the 'Confirm' button.

I can't create a new account—I receive an error message each time I try.
Submit a help request so that we can assist you in trying to recover your old account or help you set up a new account.

I'm trying to create a new account, but I get an error message that my username/e-mail address is already in use.
You received this message because your e-mail address is already registered with Oracle. If you forgot your password, you can recover it using the 'Lost Password' link.

How do I verify my Oracle Account?
You can verify your account by logging in to 'myprofile.oracle.com' and clicking on the 'Verify Account' Or 'Re-Verify Account' link, which triggers an e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Go to the e-mail in your inbox and verify your account as instructed.

How can I tell if I'm logged in?
If you are logged in, you will see "Welcome" and your name on the upper right-hand side of the page. If you are not logged in, you will see the "Sign In / Register for a free Oracle Web account" link.

Why do I have to log in to use multiple Oracle sessions?
For security reasons we require login for every session.

What if I can't remember my username?
Use the 'Lost Username' link to get your username. You will receive an e-mail with your username.

What if I’m getting an ‘Invalid Username’ error message?
Check that the username and password you are attempting to log in with are correct. To make sure you are using the correct username and password, use the 'Lost Username' link and the 'Lost Password' link.

What if I have a username that’s not my e-mail address?
Oracle has standardized on the use of e-mail address as username. If you have an older account where your username is not the same as your e-mail address, you will need to log in, and then click on the "Change Username" link in the upper right-hand side of the Oracle Account page.

For example, if your current username is 'John,' then log in with that same username.

If you have forgotten your password, use the same user name 'John' to receive the reset password e-mail. The reset password e-mail will be delivered to the e-mail address currently associated with that account.

How do I reset my password?
Use the 'Lost Password' link to reset your account password. You will then receive an e-mail with instructions. Please click on the URL in the e-mail and enter a new password on the screen.

What if I don't receive e-mails after using 'Lost Password' and 'Lost Username' Links?
Wait at least 10 minutes to see if the e-mails arrive, or check the spam folder in your e-mail. If you still haven't received the e-mails you can trigger them again, or create a new account using the same e-mail address.

The 'Lost Password' link indicates a password has been e-mailed, but I never received it.
There could be several reasons why you might not have received the password reset e-mail.

1) Old E-mail address–Is the account you are trying to log in with still tied to a valid e-mail address? If you are attempting to log in with a username that’s not in e-mail format (ex: jsmith), the e-mail address we have on file for that account may be out of date.  You will need to submit a help request to resolve this issue.

2) E-mail spam filtering - If we have your current e-mail address, and you are still not receiving the password reset e-mail, check to make sure that you are not filtering out Oracle e-mails through your e-mail's spam filter.  You will want to add Oracle to your address book so that the e-mail client doesn’t filter out account information you need or have subscribed to.

3) Company domain e-mail filtering–There have been occasions where corporate e-mail servers have filtered out e-mails coming from the Oracle domain. Submit a help request and we can send you a test e-mail to see if this is the case.  If so, you’ll need to contact your corporate e-mail group to let them know of the issue. 

If your issue doesn't fall under any of these scenarios, please submit a help request and we will investigate the issue and ensure that you get your password reset.

How do I change my password?
Navigate to 'myprofile.oracle.com' and log in with your existing credentials, click on the 'Change Password' link at the top right-hand side of the page, and follow the screen instructions.

How can I change the e-mail address associated with my Oracle Account?
You can update the e-mail address on your account by logging in to the account and clicking on the link in the top right corner 'Change E-mail'.

Important things to note before changing the e-mail address associated with your Oracle Account:

  1. The new e-mail address will become the username for your account.
  2. The new e-mail address/username shouldn't already be registered to another Oracle Account.
  3. If the account you have been using is shared by multiple people, you will each want to create your own individual account. If the users do not create individual accounts, anyone who logs in with that account has the ability to change the e-mail address and password, thereby locking all other users out. We strongly discourage using shared accounts. When logging in to use a service, post to forums, or conduct other business, it's best to use your own individual account.

If you have multiple Oracle Accounts under different e-mail addresses, we can assist you in trying to consolidate your history under a single account. We'll do our best to combine your accounts whenever we can. This process is quite involved, so if you decide you'd like us to merge your accounts we ask for your patience as we sort through the validation of the account information and enable updates to the various systems involved. You can click here too request an account merge.

Please Note: The Help Request email address is meant for Oracle customer service purposes. Oracle employees should use the internal resources available to help resolve any problems

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