11ST Completes Daily Batch Loads 4.5x Faster, Improves Marketing Insight, and Increases Business Opportunities

11ST Completes Daily Batch Loads 4.5x Faster, Improves Marketing Insight, and Increases Business Opportunities

  • Oracle Customer:  11ST
    Location:  Seoul, Korea
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  800
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Launched in 2008, 11ST is Korea’s largest online marketplace where customers and sellers can freely trade retail goods, ranging from clothing and food, to electronic equipment, without any barriers. From browsing to purchasing, 11ST provides customers with a secure, innovative, and reliable online shopping experience supported by SK planet’s mobile-optimized technology. Averaging 20 million visitors a month, 11ST achieved more than tenfold turnover growth over the last four years, which is the fastest volume increase in the country’s distribution industry.




A word from 11ST

  • "With Oracle Exadata and Oracle GoldenGate, we gained faster analytic support for our marketing campaigns, which empowered us to increase business opportunities and enhance our competitive edge. Thanks to Oracle, we complete daily batch loading 4.5x faster, reduced storage costs, supported better decision-making, and improved customer satisfaction." – Park Won, Team Manager, 11ST

  • Improve data processing speed for customers’ online transactions, such as payment for trade goods, to support exponential growth of registered users and reduce IT costs
  • Eliminate substantial delays for daily batch loads to enable more timely data updates and support decision-making during business hours
  • Increase storage efficiency and performance to enable analytic reporting and support marketing campaigns, such as for promoting specific cosmetics products
  • Enable real-time data synchronization between enterprise data warehouse and marketing activities to ensure rapid response to changing customer tastes, such as for women’s clothing and jewelry, to increase the competitive edge


Oracle Product and Services

  • Supported decision-making by completing daily batch loads 4.5x faster—in two hours instead of nine hours—enabling staff access to more timely data analysis and reporting during business hours, including online sales tracking and earnings by product category or by period, thanks to Oracle GoldenGate 
  • Reduced IT costs by seamlessly migrating the enterprise data warehouse onto Oracle Exadata without changes to existing applications, providing a high-performance, highly available, and scalable database platform for the company’s online shopping services
  • Improved customer satisfaction by accelerating data-processing speed for online transactions, such as shoe or cosmetics purchases, thanks to Oracle Exadata’s InfiniBand technology
  • Eliminated bottlenecks and avoided scalability constraints to support exponential growth of registered users   
  • Increased storage capacity by up to 5x with Oracle Exadata’s query-optimized compression or archive-compression methods used for different data sets, such as for intensive analytic workloads for enterprise data or seldom-accessed online data, decreasing storage costs
  • Improved business opportunities by launching personalized marketing programs, such as cosmetics or shoe promotions, through mobile, private-brand services, which was not possible with the legacy system
  • Enhanced competitive edge by using Oracle Exadata to enable seamless and high-performance, real-time data replication between the enterprise data warehouse and marketing activities, ensuring rapid responses to changing customer behaviors and tastes

Why Oracle

11ST chose Oracle over other vendors because it enabled seamless integration with its existing applications without any changes. Oracle Exadata also demonstrated outstanding data compression capabilities during testing, enabling the company to increase business opportunities and improve its bottom line.

“We were confident that Oracle Exadata and Oracle GoldenGate would support our business requirements. We were particularly interested in its high-compression rate and high-performing database platform, which enable us to expand our analytical capabilities and develop innovative marketing services that were not possible before,” said Park Won, team manager, 11ST.

Implementation Process

11ST implemented Oracle Exadata X2-2 quarter rack and Oracle GoldenGate 11g consecutively, and it upgraded to a half rack after the initial implementation. The deployment ran smoothly and was completed on time.