3 Step IT Group Cuts Four Days of Maintenance per Month After Putting All-in-One Cluster, Database, and Storage Server into Production in Just 13 Days
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3 Step IT Group Cuts Four Days of Maintenance per Month After Putting All-in-One Cluster, Database, and Storage Server into Production in Just 13 Days

3 Step IT Group Oy provides global IT equipment leasing services as well as online asset management and equipment replacement services.

The company’s 3,000 customers include large businesses and organizations with significant IT acquisitions. It manages nearly 1.5 million IT assets in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and across Asia.




A word from 3 Step IT Group Oy

  • “Oracle Database Appliance was deployed in record time. It gives us high availability and infrastructure clarity, and allows us to focus on development work instead of maintenance." – Juha Reunanen, Research and Development Director, 3 Step IT Group Oy

  • Accelerate equipment implementation and guarantee high availability of services for a growing number of IT equipment leasing, asset management, and replacement customers
  • Scale capacity rapidly to meet large organizations’ rapidly changing needs
  • Automate IT maintenance, freeing time to focus on service development in a hectic business where every minute counts
  • Improve testing functions to increase service reliability and meet customers’ increased data security requirements
  • Enable reliable data transmission between a production site and a standby development and testing site in another city to ensure uninterrupted services


  • Accelerated equipment deployments for the company’s customers significantly by getting Oracle Database Appliance up and running in 13 days, compared to seven months for a previous similar implementation project
  • Ensured rapid infrastructure scalability without hardware changes with the possibility to expand license and take into use the remaining 70% of the maximum CPU, RAM, and storage capacity available in Oracle Database Appliance when necessary, by taking advantage of the capacity-on-demand functionality
  • Reduced manual maintenance and configuration work, including backups, network setting adjustments, and patch applications by four working days per month, enabling IT staff to focus on developing the company’s services
  • Achieved high availability by eliminating unplanned maintenance breaks and downtime caused by database servers and by introducing live replication of data between the production site and the standby testing site using Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Enhanced testing functions with rapid updates to testing environments and easy evaluation of new properties to increase reliability of customer services
  • Improved service level with more effective real-time monitoring and the ability to address problems before they escalate

Why Oracle

“Oracle Database demonstrated excellent performance for us over the years. However, we experienced challenges with our self-configured, legacy, multivendor database; networking; and storage server environment, which proved complicated to handle and hard to maintain,” said Juha Reunanen, research and development director, 3 Step IT Group Oy.

“We were in the market for a new and cost-effective solution with better maintenance and scalability properties, and when we learned that Oracle had an easy-to-deploy, single-box combined hardware and software solution for midsize companies, Oracle Database Appliance was a clear choice for us,” Reunanen said.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostics and Tuning Packs were instrumental in helping 3 Step IT Group’s administration team to streamline testing and management functions, resulting in improved service levels and the ability to address problems before they impact users.

Implementation Process

It took only six days to get the testing site fully operational, and 13 days before the production site went live in October 2012. This was dramatically quicker than the implementation of the company’s legacy solution, which took five months to install and two months to test. The Oracle Database Appliance implementation was so easy and straightforward that it could be carried out entirely in-house by 3 Step IT Group staff. Miracle Finland Oy and Oracle Finland’s technical staff helped in configuring Oracle Active Data Guard.


Miracle Finland Oy provided important assistance, based on its own technical experience and recommended investing in Oracle engineered systems.

“We had successfully worked with Miracle Finland in implementing the database in our legacy solution, and we chose Oracle Database Appliance because we trusted their expertise,” Reunanen said.