Accelya Kale Speeds up Data Processing 2.5x—Helps Airlines Issue Revenue Reports Faster, Increases Business Agility

Accelya Kale Speeds up Data Processing 2.5x—Helps Airlines Issue Revenue Reports Faster, Increases Business Agility

Accelya Kale Solutions Limited is a leading provider of financial solutions to the airline and travel industry. Part of the Accelya Group, it helps more than 200 airlines streamline their financial processes and gain insights into business performance. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, its expertise spans revenue accounting; audit and revenue recovery and protection; credit card management; miscellaneous billing, financial, and administrative processes; and decision support and analytics. The company is a strategic partner to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has a presence in nine countries. It was featured in Forbes Asia’s top 200 “Best Under a Billion” list of midsize companies in 2011 and 2013.

With intense competition in the airline industry, many airlines have been moving from full-service ticketing—where one ticket covers everything—to an à la carte service, such as allowing passengers to select their seats, purchase extra luggage allowances, prebook meals, and reserve entertainment to drive more revenue. This has resulted in millions of additional revenue transactions that airlines must process and account for, placing a massive load on revenue accounting systems, particularly during seasonal peak periods, such as Christmas and school holidays. The widespread adoption of e-ticketing over the past decade has facilitated automation of upstream data collection, enabling airlines to report revenue much faster and more accurately. Airline companies now require their revenue accounting systems to process revenue on a daily basis, compared to weekly or even monthly as in the past. This shift has placed tremendous pressure on revenue accounting systems to process data and churn out reports in as little as 8 to 10 hours.

Accelya Kale adopted Oracle Exadata Database Machine for its comprehensive passenger revenue accounting platform. As an Oracle Independent Software Vendor, Accelya Kale also leverages Oracle’s hosting model, which allows it to run its application on Oracle Exadata as part of a multitenancy hosting arrangement. The deployment helped Accelya Kale to improve transaction processing throughput, enabling the company to provide accurate and detailed revenue reports to airlines on a daily basis to meet the requirements of their commercial and finance departments. With Oracle Exadata, Accelya Kale’s customers can now generate daily revenue data to support faster decision-making and increase agility. It accelerated throughput by up to 2.5x for more than 100 million annual revenue transactions, and managed peak data loads as high as 200% above the daily average, while reducing the time that Accelya Kale spends on database maintenance by nearly 40%.

Accelerates Transaction Throughput by up to 2.5x, Generates Revenue Reports Faster

A word from Accelya Kale Solutions Limited

  • “Nothing beats Oracle Exadata when it comes to processing more than 100 million transactions per year, quickly and reliably. It is the ultimate hardware and software solution for us, as it’s tuned to provide extreme performance, enabling our customers to generate accurate daily revenue reports faster.” – Prameet Savla, Vice President, Technology, Accelya Kale Solutions

Many airlines are struggling with their legacy IT architectures—some of which are up to 30 years old—because these systems are often rigid, which makes it harder for airlines to respond to new demands. With growing volumes of e-ticketing and international air passengers, airline companies want to gather and process revenue data as soon as the plane’s wheels leave the ground. They need a fast, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution to maximize their productivity and increase competitiveness.

By using Oracle Exadata’s InfiniBand networking technology, Accelya Kale’s platform accelerated transaction throughput by up to 2.5x and enabled airlines—some of which carry more than 35 million passengers per year—to rapidly process daily data, such as flight schedules, flights completed, and passenger loads by sector. Airlines can now make quicker decisions on competitive pricing structures, resource allocations, and resource sharing, thanks to the extreme performance of Oracle Exadata.

“We’re one of the first companies who subjected Oracle Exadata to a very high transaction load, and we’ve been reaping the benefits,” said Prameet Savla, vice president, technology, Accelya Kale. “With Oracle Exadata’s unrivalled processing power, our customers can now generate detailed, accurate revenue reports within 24 hours. The speed is a real game changer.”

By integrating seamlessly with airlines’ enterprise resource planning systems and leveraging Oracle Exadata’s high availability, the platform minimized processing errors for airlines’ revenue reports and achieved 99% revenue forecast accuracy. It significantly enhanced accounting controls and airlines’ abilities to comply with industry regulations.

“Thanks to Oracle Exadata, our customers can gain reliable and powerful business insights through our platform’s business intelligence dashboard capability. This was a huge benefit and increased their competitiveness in the fast-moving airline industry,” Savla said.

Increases Competitiveness by Managing Peak Loads up to 200% Above Daily Average

Ensures High Availability and Security for Business-Critical Data




  • Provide a highly available, secure, and scalable revenue accounting database platform for airlines to manage the exponential growth in passenger revenue data, and enhance competitiveness
  • Enable airlines to handle seasonal peak loads in the airline industry and deliver accurate daily revenue reports to commercial and finance departments within stringent timeframes


Oracle Product and Services

  • Supported rapid decision-making by accelerating transaction throughput by up to 2.5x for more than 100 million airline revenue transactions, annually, enabling customers to generate accurate revenue reports faster—on a daily rather than weekly or monthly basis
  • Enhanced competitiveness by enabling customers to effectively manage peak loads as high as 200% above the daily load average
  • Achieved 99% accuracy for airline revenue forecasts while minimizing processing errors, thanks to Oracle Exadata’s high system availability and extreme performance
  • Reduced business risk by enabling 100% disaster recovery for business-critical data within eight hours, ensuring uninterrupted service to airlines’ daily operations
  • Decreased time for database maintenance by nearly 40%, contributing to a strong return on investment

Why Oracle

Accelya Kale chose Oracle Exadata over other vendors because of its highest transaction throughput and seamless migration of the company’s existing Oracle Database, with minimal changes to its airline passenger revenue accounting platform.

“Oracle Exadata was the ultimate hardware and software solution for us because it’s tuned to provide extreme performance on Oracle Database,” Savla said. “Simply put, Oracle Exadata gives us maximum throughput and maximum value for our technology investment.”

Implementation Process

Accelya Kale conducted multiple proof-of-concept tests on Oracle Exadata to ensure that its airline passenger revenue accounting platform could leverage Oracle Exadata’s advanced features. The company completed the deployment in approximately 10 months—on time and within budget.


Accelya Kale engaged Mumbai-based Oracle partner, Softcell Technologies, to conduct the proof-of-concept tests on Oracle Exadata. Softcell Technologies provided the test facility, and its engineers assisted Accelya Kale in quickly resolving any issues that arose during testing.

“Softcell Technologies was a very reliable partner for our Oracle Exadata deployment,” Savla said. “ITs highly professional engineers had an excellent knowledge of Exadata’s capabilities.”