Accovion GmbH Cuts Costs for Clinical Trial Data Clarification by 50%
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Accovion GmbH Cuts Costs for Clinical Trial Data Clarification by 50%

As a full-service clinical research organization, Accovion supports pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, from early clinical trials, through market authorizations for new products. Accovion is headquartered in Germany and has affiliates in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The company continuously expands its service portfolio to respond to a rapidly changing industry.




A word from Accovion GmbH

  • "Our clients trust Oracle Clinical and Oracle Remote Data Capture. These solutions help improve our clinical trial efficiency and facilitate compliance with international regulations, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.” – Carole Martini, Director, Data Management, Accovion GmbH

  • Enable Accovion to effectively, efficiently, and securely capture, process, manage, and analyze clinical trial data
  • Implement a validated clinical trial data management system that meets industry standards and regulatory requirements, such as U.S. Food & Drug Administration 21 CFR Part 11


  • Converted 60% of the company’s clinical studies to an electronic data capture format, thanks to Oracle Clinical and Oracle Remote Data Capture, enabling fast, accurate, and efficient data management
  • Cut query management costs in half and accelerated delivering quality data to clients in addition to automatically identifying data-input errors and queries electronically so that clinical investigators can correct clinical trial data immediately
  • Gained on-demand, secure, online access to clinical trial status and data
  • Ensured a detailed audit trial of clinical trial processes, including data clarification, to facilitate compliance
  • Deployed Oracle Thesaurus Management System to more consistently and efficiently code clinical trial data and to include adverse event information
  • Validated Oracle Clinical and Oracle Remote Data Capture with RapidLIVE, an Oracle Accelerate solution from Oracle Partner pharmaSOL, to speed deployment


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