ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment Covers Rapidly Growing Gaming and Gambling Environment with 24/7 Data Surveillance and Real-Time Financial Information

ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment Covers Rapidly Growing Gaming and Gambling Environment with 24/7 Data Surveillance and Real-Time Financial Information

ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG (ACE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Novomatic AG, operates modern gaming options and offers high-quality entertainment under safe conditions. ACE’s core business includes the operation of casinos and slot arcades with top-quality entertainment, customer orientation, and the provision of modern gaming and gambling services.

ACE believes gambling services must be inseparably linked with the highest sense of responsibility. The company relies on state-of-the-art IT technologies and top security standards to ensure information security and player protection while providing transparency, strict steps against money laundering, and close cooperation with public authorities, all which underline its reputation as a reliable provider in a highly regulated market.




A word from ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG

  • “We needed a solution to monitor and integrate disparate data from all slot machines across our gambling halls to comply with Austrian laws and regulations. With Oracle we achieved around-the-clock data surveillance, obtained real-time information about our slot machines and financial data, and supported our market expansion with reliable analysis.” – Alexander Reithoffer, IT Manager, ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG

  • Design and develop a technological infrastructure to connect slot machines from 47 slot arcades to a central data warehouse and consolidate machine and customer data for archival, analysis, and security purposes
  • Ensure around-the-clock system availability for real-time, uninterrupted surveillance of machine-event data to guarantee lawful gambling operations
  • Meet industry regulatory requirements—such as the ability to verify that customers are at least 18 years old and to protect them against compulsive gambling
  • Establish protocols for data backups and recovery to make historical information fully available for Austrian financial audits
  • Enable data analysis to improve customer knowledge and predict trends based on revenue-generating indicators, such as game popularity and machine occupation rates


  • Designed an interbranch-consolidation platform based on Oracle Database Appliance to meet the high availability requirements imposed by a nonstop casino business
  • Deployed Oracle Database across 799 slots machines, 47 reception workstations, as well as several technicians’ and accountants’ workstations to record machine activity and cash movement and to transmit data to headquarters for consolidation in the data warehouse
  • Created a data warehouse using Oracle Database to merge all databases onto a single server to meet legislative requirements regarding data auditing and archiving and to process several-million machine-event records processed each month—including records concerning log ins, games chosen, game length, cash-box accountability, and security access
  • Used Oracle Database to record second-by-second machine activity, user information, and financial data to help raise alerts if negative patterns are detected, such as gaming addiction, ensuring safe and compliant entertainment with 24/7 data surveillance
  • Reduced management costs for infrastructure-monitoring software with Oracle Enterprise Manager’s capability to integrate Oracle Database management—enabling comprehensive monitoring, notification of system bottlenecks, and automatic maintenance
  • Stored financial and customer data securely for audit reviews conducted by the Austrian financial authorities by implementing Oracle Total Recall and mitigated revenue-loss risks caused by business interruptions for data audits
  • Gained the ability to analyze and report on critical gaming indicators—such as cash flow, revenue-generating games, and machine-utilization rates—with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition to optimize marketing strategies, new license acquisitions, and other business-development initiatives
  • Ensured new market scalability by implementing a second Oracle Database Appliance to support an estimated 200% transactions and machine-event volume increase following the allocation of a gambling license for a new territory by the Austrian financial authorities

Why Oracle

ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG, a newly founded company, did not have a legacy system and, as such, had the flexibility to evaluate complete solutions from multiple vendors before deciding on a final provider. Oracle was the preferred solution provider because of its ability to deliver a complete hardware-software package at a competitive price.

“We evaluated various databases to integrate our slot machines for data surveillance and consolidation. Oracle was able to offer a complete solution for hardware, database, and analytics while sparing us from proprietary development. From a required-effort perspective, Mircosoft SQL Server cannot compete with Oracle Database Appliance. We would have had to invest enormous manpower to build a system that is offered as turn-key by Oracle,” said Alexander Reithoffer, IT manager, ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG.


Database specialists from Oracle partner DBConcepts Daten- und Informationsverarbeitungsgesellschaft m.b.H. implemented the solution in time and on budget while ensuring Oracle Database knowledge transfer to ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG’s IT team.

“We consulted intensively with DBConcepts on the selection of Oracle Database option packs. Today, DBConcepts provides consulting on development and solution strategies and delivers support for Oracle Warehouse Builder,” said Alexander Reithoffer, IT Manager, ADMIRAL Casinos & Entertainment AG.