ADNOC Distribution Increases Database Response by 20x with Engineered Systems
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ADNOC Distribution Increases Database Response by 20x with Engineered Systems

ADNOC Distribution (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Distribution) is an integrated energy company. Founded in 1973, it markets and distributes petroleum products and services within the United Arab Emirates and internationally. Its five corporate divisions include more than 200 filling stations (a number that is growing at 8% annually), more than 150 convenience stores, 10 vehicle inspection stations, as well as wholesale and retail sales of bulk fuel, gas, oil, diesel, and lubricants.




A word from ADNOC Distribution

  • "We chose Exadata because of its extreme performance and because we could consolidate our transaction processing and business intelligence onto one platform. Competing solutions are just not capable of doing that." – Awad Ahmed Ali El-Sidiq, Senior Database Administrator, ADNOC Distribution

  • Reduce administration efforts for managing multiple database servers and avoid the cost of installing new databases by consolidating online transaction processing (OLTP) and business intelligence (BI) databases
  • Consolidate multiple versions of operating systems for simpler system administration
  • Increase performance of online transaction processing, as well as quality of service for hundreds of filling stations and convenience stores, vehicle inspection stations, as well as wholesale and retail operations that focus on the sale of bulk fuel, gas, oil, diesel, and lubricants
  • Reduce time spent completing online database backups
  • Accommodate growing storage needs without adding capacity


  • Migrated more than 50 legacy applications, as well as Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Business Intelligence, from Hewlett-Packard ProLiant blade servers running HP-UX to Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2, to take advantage of higher performance, reduced administration requirements, and lower licensing costs
  • Improved database response time by a factor 20, boosting productivity among internal users and energy distribution customers and providing better service quality to retail customers in filling stations and convenience stores
  • Reduced database licensing costs by 40% by consolidating different database environments onto a single platform, which significantly lowered total cost of ownership
  • Enabled ADNOC Distribution's IT infrastructure to efficiently handle as many as 250 million financial transactions annually, serve more than 3,000 concurrent users daily, and deliver timely information and outstanding services to business units and retail customers
  • Consolidated BI, OLTP, and ERP applications onto a single database within a private database cloud, increasing system availability substantially
  • Reduced system administration efforts through Oracle Enterprise Manager’s single management interface, freeing IT staff for other strategic priorities
  • Achieved a 10-to-1 storage capacity improvement with Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression, which reduced storage requirements and led to important energy savings
  • Employed Oracle InfiniBand technology to improve data transfer performance and reliability, supporting transfer and loading of 1 terabyte of data in only two hours
  • Maximized system availability and met business applications uptime requirements with Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Automatic Storage Management

Why Oracle

"We chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine because it offered a fully integrated and highly engineered system that was ready to deploy. With our infrastructure running all the same technology, we can operate any type of Oracle Database without restrictions and be prepared for business growth," said Ali Abdul Aziz Al-Ali, IT division manager, ADNOC Distribution.