ADNOC Distribution Decreases Licensing Costs by 40% and Increases Database Performance and Throughput to Support Organizational Growth

ADNOC Distribution Decreases Licensing Costs by 40% and Increases Database Performance and Throughput to Support Organizational Growth

  • Oracle Customer:  ADNOC Distribution
    Location:  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    Industry:  Oil and Gas
    Employees:  7,500

ADNOC Distribution is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) government-owned company that specializes in marketing and distributing petroleum products within the country. Established in 1973, ADNOC Distribution is one of the largest petroleum companies in the Arab Gulf Region, operating 220 filling stations and a vast network of convenience stores and restaurants across the UAE. The organization also offers regular car maintenance services, such as oil, filter, and lube changes.

ADNOC Distribution plans to expand its services in the region. In addition, its domestic business is growing 10% to15% annually, with annual filling station transactions on track to double from 100 million to 200 million within two years.

ADNOC Distribution has been an Oracle customer for 15 years, and, following a period of growth, it wanted to ensure that that it was fully licensed for its Oracle technology and applications, including Oracle Database and Oracle E-Business Suite. ADNOC Distribution wanted an accurate assessment and asked Oracle License Management Services to undertake a comprehensive review.

ADNOC Distribution and Oracle License Management Services identified a clear path by consolidating eight Oracle databases into one Oracle Exadata Database Machine, to reduce its licensing costs by 40%. At the same time, Oracle Exadata would deliver the improved throughput and performance required to support with the organization’s growth targets.




A word from ADNOC Distribution

  • "Working with Oracle License Management Services, we have reduced our licensing costs by 40%. We are fully compliant, and with our planned migration to Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we will benefit from increased performance and maximum support from Oracle." – Ali Abdul Aziz Al-Ali, IT Division Manager, ADNOC Distribution

  • Ensure that the Oracle databases underpinning ADNOC’s back-office and retail applications have enough capacity to support planned growth within the UAE as well as expansion of the filling station, convenience store, and auto maintenance businesses into other regional markets
  • Ensure that Oracle licenses are all 100% correct and up-to-date following rapid business expansion
  • Guarantee license compliance to meet the requirements of a government-owned petroleum marketing and distribution organization


Oracle Product and Services

  • Planned to consolidate eight Oracle Databases into one Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Quarter Rack to reduce licensing costs by 40%, while increasing throughput and performance to ensure enough capacity to support growth and expansion of the filling station, convenience store, and auto maintenance businesses
  • Reduced licensing costs for Oracle Financials by 35%, following the licensing review, which provided an accurate overview of employee use according to job profile and enabled an informed reduction in user numbers
  • Ran a number of detailed scripts to gain a 100% accurate blueprint of all licensing and user numbers for Oracle E-Business Suite and processors for Oracle Database, rather than relying on approximate figures
  • Consulted with Oracle License Management Services to agree how best to address a shortfall in the number of licenses
  • Tightened security with more stringent user-access policies, only providing access for staff members who need to use a particular module according to their job profile, rather than by giving access to everyone in a particular department
  • Implemented processes to run license-review scripts annually, rather than on an ad-hoc basis as before, to ensure that the organization remains 100% compliant in the future
  • Enabled ADNOC Distribution to easily purchase and cross-charge licenses to a particular project or specific department as new employees join, with an accurate record of which licenses are used by whom
  • Gained the ability to scale up to an Exadata X2-2 Half Rack in the future as the organization grows

Why Oracle

ADNOC Distribution has been an Oracle customer for 15 years and has a detailed roadmap for Oracle implementations over the next five years, leading toward Oracle Cloud Computing. ADNOC Distribution aims to become an Oracle IT Center of Excellence. To achieve this goal, it must be 100% compliant and follow Oracle best practices to utilize its licenses and products correctly to provide the best service to its customers.

“Oracle License Management Services provides excellent advice on how best to use and to upgrade Oracle licenses. It is our duty as customers to be fully licensed, which in turn, helps Oracle to deliver improved products and services to its customers. It is a win-win situation in the long term,” said Awad Ahmed Ali El Siddig, senior database administrator, ADNOC Distribution.