AIReS Reduces Annual Paper Consumption for Relocation Services by 1.2 Million Sheets with Digitized Workflow Reports
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AIReS Reduces Annual Paper Consumption for Relocation Services by 1.2 Million Sheets with Digitized Workflow Reports

  • Oracle Customer:  AIReS
    Location:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Industry:  Professional Services
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

For more than 30 years, AIReS has partnered with businesses and individuals to offer effective relocation services, based on leading-edge technology and high-quality customer service, to domestic and international clients. AIReS also focuses on driving the most environmentally-friendly, secure, and efficient business practices possible, achieving International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality certification for all its locations and services beginning in 1994, and ISO environmental certification in 2007. Every partner in AIReS’ service provider network also follows its guidelines for sustainable service-delivery methods, including using reusable or recyclable materials when packing household goods for shipment. 

The company’s proprietary relocation management software, IRIS, and its internal tracking module, ASSIST, document the hundreds of steps required to manage a seamless, global-relocation program. ASSIST is a dynamic, task-list technology that proactively prompts each employee on all scheduled activities and tracks each action throughout the relocation lifecycle. AIReS corporate information systems team works collaboratively with its operations team to continually roll out new process efficiencies that save time and reduce resource costs, meet clients’ evolving relocation needs, and pass the independent ISO audits to maintain environmental certification. AIReS wanted to further streamline the ASSIST system to continue to reduce the company’s environmental impact, automate internal processes, and reduce costs.

To meet its goals, the corporate information systems department replaced ASSIST paper reports with a live, interactive dashboard built on Oracle Application Development Framework and deployed using Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database. The dashboard offered new features, including automated task delegation and prioritization for operations staff. It eliminated daily, manager-checklist printing and provided live data updates to help improve staff efficiency. The solution also helped AIReS automate cost estimates and workflow process creation to provide better oversight of relocation activities, while also eliminating redundancies to reduce the time spent on each relocation.

The Oracle solution provided significant ecological benefits as well, helping to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint. By eliminating paper reports, ASSIST reduced each employee’s environmental impact by 30 pieces of paper per day, for a total of 12,000 sheets per week. Managers reduced paper consumption by 150 pages per employee per week, resulting in another 12,000 sheets of paper per week saved. This lead to a total reduction in 2012 of 2.5 tons of paper—approximately 2,496 reams or more than 1.2 million sheets. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it takes 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water to produce each ton of paper. As such, through this single initiative, AIReS saved close to 43 trees and 17,500 gallons of water.

Finally, the solution helped the company reduce costs by decreasing paper and toner purchases by more than US$13,000 and realizing an additional annual labor savings of US$39,000—an overall time savings per relocation professional of 1.5 hours a day. In addition, by leveraging a new task-prioritization process, AIReS reduced the number of calls and e-mails to service providers by 18%.

AIReS will continue to engage Oracle solutions as a means to develop proprietary advantages that are tailored to specific relocation-industry needs while supporting the company’s overall goal of improving internal efficiency and reducing resource consumption.

A word from AIReS

  • "It is core to our business philosophy to continuously improve the sustainability of our relocation processes. With Oracle, we have streamlined our proprietary project management system and significantly reduced our carbon footprint.” – Joleen Lauffer, Certified Relocation Professional, Global Mobility Specialist, Vice President of Operations, AIReS



Why Oracle

AIReS needed a web-based solution that would enable rapid development with an interactive user interface, data visualization components, and ability to integrate with legacy applications.

Oracle Application Development Framework fit the company’s roadmap for modernizing its applications, as it had superior functionality, a rich user interface, a large user community, a framework built on industry standards, and committed vendor support.