AIReS Innovates Online Task Prioritization, Enabling Its Relocation Professionals to Serve More than 17,000 Customers Each Year
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AIReS Innovates Online Task Prioritization, Enabling Its Relocation Professionals to Serve More than 17,000 Customers Each Year

For more than 30 years, AIReS has provided corporate relocation solutions for domestic and international clients. The company’s focus on the relocating families' needs, coupled with its technology expertise and wide range of service options—including home search, household goods shipping, immigration support, language training, and school placement—make it the preferred relocation partner for more than 250 companies worldwide.




A word from AIReS

  • "With Oracle Application Development Framework, we built a solution that enables us to streamline relocation service provisioning, mitigate risk, and increase operational efficiency to better serve our customers, worldwide.” – Joleen Lauffer, Director of Client Services/Operations, AIReS

  • Automate a cumbersome, static, and manually–printed daily report—used to track relocation activities and assignments for operations staff employees—using an online system to increase efficiency, reduce errors, streamline communication, and eliminate paper processes
  • Minimize the risk of missed activities, which led to client service issues
  • Improve staff productivity by eliminating the need for employees to manually sort their paper-based activity lists to prioritize their to dos with post-it notes, comments, and highlighters
  • Enable easy integration with legacy systems, such as with the company’s other homegrown relocation management software


  • Used Oracle Application Development Framework to build an application, which it called Automated Smart System for Information & Status Tracking (ASSIST)—to replace manual, daily print-outs that staff used to manage their tasks with an intuitive, online system that improved staff productivity and client service
  • Provided a real-time, interactive dashboard that automatically prioritizes daily, scheduled activities—saving the operations staff at least 30 minutes per day and enabling AIReS’ relocation professionals to more effectively serve 17,000 relocating transferees each year by quickly addressing critical tasks, like home closings and household goods deliveries
  • Realized a savings of at least 35 minutes per day in screen navigation time per employee via the user-friendly system
  • Consolidated transferee contact information to save at least 20 minutes per day per operations employee
  • Enabled operations staff to pull ASSIST reports at any time, rather than waiting for the 6 a.m. manual daily print-out
  • Removed completed tasks, displayed live data, and provided a quick-view toolbar that provides high level contact and policy information for each assignment
  • Used an interactive filter and sorting capability to enable AIReS counselors to view all assignments by a designated service delivery partner, reducing the number of calls employees must make to service providers and freeing up time to focus on relocating employees’ needs—improving customer satisfaction to an all time high
  • Provided a new coverage element, which enables employees or their managers to delegate tasks, particularly helpful when employees are going to be out of the office and need to ensure their responsibilities are covered
  • Leveraged Oracle Application Development Framework’s data visualization tools and rich user interface to integrate the Oracle-based ASSIST solution with AIReS’ other homegrown, relocation-management software—enabling staff to click on an activity in ASSIST and automatically pull up all records associated with it
  • Benefited from Oracle’s task flow functionality to build most of ASSIST’s features—ensuring future reusability for client Web applications
  • Created automated workflows between departments and provided an online “manager’s ASSIST,” which enables managers to work through ASSIST tasks with their team members
  • Enabled a savings of 24,000 sheets of paper per week companywide for a total of 1,248,000 sheets of paper annually—a cost savings of more than US$13,000 each year
  • Completed the system implementation in just six months

Why Oracle

AIReS needed a Web-based solution that would enable rapid development with an interactive user interface, data visualization components, and ability to integrate with legacy applications.

“Oracle Application Development Framework fit our roadmap for modernizing our applications, as it had superior functionality, a rich user interface, a large user community, a framework built on industry standards, and committed vendor support. We looked at six or seven solutions, but Oracle best suited our needs,” said Jeba Jothimoni, Applications Architect, AIReS.

Implementation Process

The company upgraded to Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g, and Oracle WebLogic Server, and implemented Oracle Application Development Framework to support the ASSIST system development. While testing Oracle Application Development Framework, the AIReS implementation team was impressed with the framework’s out of the box design patterns, reusability features, and functionality to provide a rich, interactive user interface.

AIReS completed the ASSIST system within six months, using the Oracle platform to enable integration across multiple systems. The company rolled out ASSIST to 300 users in six offices in the United States, Hong Kong, London, and Ireland. Oracle Application Development Framework facilitated a rapid-prototyping project methodology that complimented the business process improvements and solution socialization. AIReS leveraged business change champions in all locations that educated and motivated all staff in advance of the roll-out, resulting in a very successful deployment with immediate and measurable process improvement efficiencies.

“It is hard to contain our excitement. With the help of Oracle, our pioneering ASSIST system takes the user experience to another level. We are streamlining our workflows and business processes. We are improving employee productivity. We are giving our users tools to make better decisions”, said Anand Diraviyam, Senior Project Manager, AIReS.