Aldar Properties Consolidates and Simplifies Group Planning and Reporting for Business and Finance Structures with Integrated ERP and Business Intelligence
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Aldar Properties Consolidates and Simplifies Group Planning and Reporting for Business and Finance Structures with Integrated ERP and Business Intelligence

Established in 2005, Aldar Properties is one of the United Arab Emirates’ leading real estate development, management, and investment companies. It leads multibillion-dollar civic projects that are helping to develop Abu Dhabi into an international business hub and tourist destination. One of the ways in which the company achieves its goals is to ensure that all of its businesses and departments―including finance, human resources (HR), and operations―benefit from fully integrated, consolidated, and automated budgeting and reporting processes. This approach makes information from multiple sources available on a single platform, driving efficiencies across the whole business, thanks to accurate, standardized financial reporting and planning.

Aldar began implementing Oracle E-Business Suite in 2006, and since then it has implemented Oracle E-Business Suite on a single instance across all of its nine, diverse companies—businesses that range from property development, academies, golf, marinas, hotels and hospitality, to theme parks, property management, and facilities management. It has subsequently developed its enterprise data warehouse using Oracle Business Intelligence Applications. It is deploying analytical reporting and ad hoc analysis through Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition, and Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite and is resolving data integration challenges with Oracle Data Integrator as a single technology solution to be used for integrating all data sources. It has also added integrated, business-driver-based budgeting and planning processes across the group’s businesses through Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle Essbase, which are integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and Enterprise Data Warehouse through Oracle Data Integrator.




A word from Aldar Properties PJSC

  • “Oracle’s Business Intelligence and ERP product strategy provided us with a fully integrated platform that will enable better, more timely information consolidation and decisions at all levels, across all of our businesses, while establishing a solid footprint for adopting Oracle applications and products in the future.” ‒ Samir Mayani, Acting Head of Information Technology, Aldar Properties

  • Achieve scalable budgeting and reporting processes and systems across the organization’s businesses, delivering a single source of the truth for all accounting and budgeting data, ensuring transparent information access to decision-makers, and preventing information aggregation and dissemination through random, legacy desktop publishing applications, report writing, and presentation tools
  • Put consistent financial information and uniform business intelligence regarding its real estate development and investment management into the hands of all stakeholders, regardless of their location Reduce manual effort in financial reporting and information consolidation, eliminating human errors, involvement of the IT department, and lengthy lead times for management reports and presentations
  • Refresh the group’s server environment with upgraded database and application servers for better performance, scalability and stability, when combined with the new data warehouse, business intelligence, planning, Oracle Essbase, and data integration infrastructure


  • Addressed need for a single source of analytical, real-time, easily accessible, enterprise-wide reporting on a centralized platform, by deploying Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, and Oracle Data Integrator, for more accurate and timely information that improves strategic planning and decision-making for its real estate development and investment management
  • Deployed Oracle Hyperion Planning for business-driver-based budgeting, financials, projects, workforce planning and capital expenditure planning, completing a phased delivery while integrating with Oracle E-Business Suite and the enterprise data warehouse
  • Increased server performance, scalability, security, and stability with Oracle SPARC Enterprise M-Series and Oracle Solaris
  • Consolidated information from multiple data sources for consistency in generating information, including management’s reporting
  • Saved 80% of time IT department previously spent on report development and saved 60% of its time supporting information consolidation and presentation, freeing the team for other strategic priorities
  • Reduced reporting of group finances by three days each month, something which previously took around a week
  • Enabled ad hoc financial reporting cycle times to be reduced from approximately two days to just two hours per report

Why Oracle

Oracle was Aldar’s preferred choice, based on the strength of its technology and application footprint. 

“Oracle is able to integrate business intelligence applications, data warehousing and financial planning tools with a robust ERP suite that is appropriate for all levels of operations and each managerial user across a very large real estate management group. Oracle’s integrated solutions suit the needs of our diverse group of businesses better than any competing products. Every regional business in this sector chooses Oracle,” said Samir Mayani, acting head of information technology, Aldar Properties.

Implementation Process

“We enjoy working with Oracle and have received tremendous support and assistance ever since system acquisition, for what was quite an extensive implementation,” Mayani said. “Oracle was very supportive and ensured that we always had the right composition of skills across the project team. This blend of project ownership for our own business and skilled support from Oracle, has built confidence into our decision-making. We now have clear direction for an architecture and solution design that is flexible today and scalable for the future.”


Aldar Properties worked with Oracle Platinum Partner Zensar Technologies, an implementation expert with a broad range of Oracle technology specialization.

“Zensar provided us with top management commitment and the right levels of involvement, flexibility, competency, and technical skills at the right time,” Mayani said. “The scope, scale, and complexity of this project were a test for us, but Zensar ensured the right composition of team members, and a high level of expertise in Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition, as well as Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle E-Business Suite. "With Zensar’s help and Oracle’s products, which provide a single source of information, we are more efficient. This deployment has given us shorter business-cycle times and greater control over the business."