Algar Telecom Accesses Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Data 5x Faster, Gains Competitive Advantage

Algar Telecom Accesses Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Data 5x Faster, Gains Competitive Advantage

Founded nearly 60 years ago, Algar Telecom S.A. provides fixed telephony, mobile, internet, data communication, cable and satellite TV, and long distance telephone services, as well as data center services, cloud computing, network management and security to more than 1 million customers across Brazil. The company is part of the Algar Group, a Brazilian group established in 1929 with operations throughout Brazil.




A word from Algar Telecom S.A.

  • "Oracle Exadata Database Machine offers the robustness and scalability we need to support our business intelligence and data warehouse systems. Its extreme processing capability provides a major competitive advantage, allowing us to make rapid and more-informed strategic decisions." – Rogerio Okada, Security and Infrastructure Coordinator, Algar Telecom S.A.

  • Maintain an updated IT environment to support a rapidly growing volume of business information, such as communications service billing, customer, and product-line data—all of which fuels business decisions
  • Ensure rapid access to historical customer billing data to comply with telecommunications regulators and business divisions’ requirements


  • Upgraded an implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine to support the growing volume of commercial and financial transactions performed using the data warehouse and business intelligence systems, which drive the company's sales and retail strategic decision-making processes
  • Gained the ability to access data warehouse information and obtain business intelligence 5x faster to enable more agile decisions about communications service, customer care, and sales
  • Responded more quickly to requests from commercial, financial, operational, regulatory, and fiscal sectors, such as an analysis of profits from new communications service products, fortifying Algar Telecom’s strong competitive position in the telephone market
  • Created tax reports 5x faster, streamlining compliance
  • Streamlined access to historical data, such as payments and contracted services—which must remain available for five years

Why Oracle

"After analyzing other platforms, we chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine due to its scalability and robustness. We have continued to increase capacity without the need for additional hardware investment. With Oracle Exadata, we can track performance in detail and process various calculations, cubes, and dashboards for about 1,000 users simultaneously," said Rogerio Okada, security and infrastructure coordinator, Algar Telecom.

Implementation Process

"Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services provided support during every level and stage of the project, from the proof of concept to data migration and go-live. The project proceeded on time, even in light of the large volume of data that we had to migrate from the previous platform. The process was quite simple and transparent for our internal users," Okada said.