Ambu Supports Global Organization, Sharing Product Lifecycle Information, Worldwide
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Ambu Supports Global Organization, Sharing Product Lifecycle Information, Worldwide

  • Oracle Customer:  Ambu A/S
    Location:  Ballerup, Denmark
    Industry:  Healthcare
    Employees:  2,250
    Annual Revenue:  $100 to $500 Million

Ambu develops, produces and markets diagnostic and life-supporting devices. Ambu’s products are used by hospitals, clinics, and emergency services; by doctors, nurses, and paramedics who work every day to save lives and improve patient care. It has three business areas: anaesthesia, patient monitoring and diagnostics, and emergency care.

Denmark-based Ambu wanted to grow and move some of its production and product development to China and Malaysia. As a result, the company needed a reliable, out-of-the-box product lifecycle management (PLM) solution with high availability to enable global access to its product information and related documentation. The solution had to support cross-functional collaboration between different countries and product development teams.

Ambu chose Agile Product Collaboration as its collaborative PLM tool. It provides an efficient way to share product lifecycle information globally, and has made change management much easier. The company has transformed its product development and PLM process with simplified global access to a single repository for electronic product information.




A word from Ambu A/S

  • "Agile Product Collaboration helps us collaborate effectively to manage complex healthcare and rescue service products throughout their lifecycle. It provides global access to our product information, allowing development and production staff in different countries to stay informed of product specification changes." – Lykke Bagger, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Project Manager & Business Consultant, Ambu A/S

  • Create a globally accessible product lifecycle and documentation environment that enables the company to support production in Asia
  • Accelerate innovation and product development of diagnostic and life-supporting hospital and rescue service equipment
  • Support cross-functional cooperation and collaboration with healthcare product customers
  • Ensure instant and global electronic access to product documentation
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance of the company’s healthcare products
  • Improve and accelerate change management
  • Speed up healthcare product audits and reviews


  • Created a global, collaborative product lifecycle and documentation environment by implementing Agile Product Collaboration, which provides employees in different countries with instant, direct access to electronic product documentation, reducing the need for administrative assistance and support services
  • Accelerated innovation by providing research and development staff around the globe with access to the healthcare product portfolio, and allowing teams and individual employees to collaborate across functions and borders
  • Enhanced and facilitated regulatory compliance by ensuring all product specifications and change documents are found in a single repository, and by enabling reuse of documents and templates
  • Enabled quicker implementation of product changes by accepting electronic approval of product change documents and by eliminating a significant amount of manual work previously needed for sending product change documents from one unit to another and back again
  • Reduced the duration of product audits and reviews significantly from several days to just a couple of hours when audits and reviews are done electronically

Why Oracle

“We wanted a stable, standard PLM system that would be up and running on a 24/7 basis. The system had to include document management, quality management, and product management in compliance with and validated according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines. Agile product lifecycle management was the best system available that matched Ambu’s requirements,” said Lykke Bagger, product lifecycle management (PLM) project manager and business consultant, Ambu A/S.

Implementation Process

Ambu worked with Minerva Danmark A/S to implement Agile Product Collaboration. The go-live was in June 2010.

Ambu later implemented Agile Product Quality Management (PQM), which went live in 2012.