Ankara Keçiören Municipality Lowers Total Cost of System Ownership with High Performance Database, Backup, and Storage
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Ankara Keçiören Municipality Lowers Total Cost of System Ownership with High Performance Database, Backup, and Storage

Keçiören is the largest metropolitan district of Turkey’s capital Ankara, with a surface area of 190 km² and a population of nearly 900,000. The district served as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s military headquarters during the Turkish War of Independence (1918-1919). Today, Keçiören is host to the world’s biggest meteorology center, several departments of Ankara University, as well as the private residence of Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.




A word from Ankara Keçiören Municipality

  • “We replaced our outdated and unsecure server infrastructure with complete backups of our data at a disaster recovery center located 15 kilometers from the municipality. With Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7320, the speed and stability of our backups and data recoveries have increased to exceed our standards. As a result, in the event of an incident, we can restore all activities of the municipality within one to two minutes.” – Hakan Karaca, IT Coordinator, Ankara Keçiören Municipality

  • Deploy a state-of-the-art IT platform for Ankara Keçiören Municipality’s virtualized environment to support the growing number of e-municipality applications, such as the city’s information system, document tracking, and mobile applications
  • Provide robust, scalable, and secure storage for data volumes that have grown six-fold over the past 20 years, due to digitizing the city’s numerous paper-based documents and storing substantial amounts of data generated by its online applications
  • Establish a modern, yet cost-effective disaster recovery facility capable of re-establishing municipal operations within minutes, should incidents occur
  • Increase server and storage availability to manage high volumes of data collected in real time from 80 external municipality locations, including live video images from 400 closed-circuit television cameras at sports and educational centers, public transport sites, and park locations
  • Secure operational data at all times and establish simple yet efficient backup procedures to provide business continuity for the municipality’s mission-critical applications
  • Reduce storage costs by using the latest server and storage technologies from a trusted software provider instead of regularly increasing support budgets for outdated technologies


  • Deployed Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7320 to provide 40 terabytes of state-of-the-art primary storage with replication and storage configuration for cloning with lower total cost of ownership than from competitors’ offerings and IBM’s legacy system, helping to better balance the municipal budget
  • Deployed Sun ZFS Storage 7320 with 20 terabytes raw capacity at the disaster recovery site located 15 kilometers from municipal headquarters, enabling the municipality to re-establish all applications within a few minutes in the event of a service interruption
  • Achieved superior performance and energy efficiency, providing a central point of control over operations, including the ability to operate the computers located at any of the municipality’s 80 external locations
  • Used Sun ZFS Storage 7320’s advanced, thin provisioning, deduplication, and asynchronous replication capabilities to enable much faster, day-to-day operation, perfectly stable data flow, and on-time monthly reporting, providing best-of-breed storage for manually integrating and tuning the IT stack
  • Added flexibility and security to the municipality’s virtualized IT environment, enabling to securely operate and expand numerous online applications with accurate, up-to-date data to the benefit of Keçiören’s citizens—such as for electronic tax declaration and inquiry, citizen complaints and requests, and e-mail and short message service notifications
  • Ensured that online applications, such as those used for tracking tax payment records, construction costs, and environmental clean-up costs always display the latest data, which is a key requirement for the municipality, as online documents may constitute legal proof for Keçiören’s citizens—for example, serving as a clearance-of-debt certification
  • Achieved a substantial increase in storage efficiency with the ability to dynamically move data, use hybrid storage pools, compress data efficiently from database to disk, and maintain policy-based tiering across flash drive and disk without user intervention
  • Achieved top performance in database and storage operations with Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g’s capability to dynamically exchange data with Sun ZFS Storage 7320, perform database query and prefetching and off-loading with optimized data caching, and ensure end-to-end data transport with zero buffer copies over InfiniBand fabrics
  • Stayed ahead of the data growth curve by deploying a proven, world-class storage solution, to support the numerous online applications with many users—including the application for tax declarations, which in 2011 served 280,000 users, nearly 10x as many as in 2009
  • Saved storage administration and utilization costs and time, compared to Reliant Technology’s NetApp FAS6040 storage appliance, which was replaced by Sun ZFS Storage 7320, with its easy-to-use, single-system user interface for all statistics, alerts, analytics, and provisioning, which substantially simplifies storage management and system analytics

Why Oracle

“Ankara Keçiören Municipality selected Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7320 over Fujitsu because of Oracle’s higher performance and better price, as well as the outstanding support and warranty offered. Oracle’s Storage Analytics feature is easy and helpful, as it identifies the problem and sends the information to Oracle, which fixes the problem remotely within no time,” said Hakan Karaca, IT coordinator, Ankara Keçiören Municipality.


Oracle Partner Dugan Bilgisayar was in charge of the end-to-end implementation of Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g and Sun ZFS Storage 7320, deploying the solution in January 2012 within one week.