ASBIS Demonstrates 10x Faster Batch Processing, 28x Faster Report Generation, and 40x Higher Storage Performance with Engineered Systems
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ASBIS Demonstrates 10x Faster Batch Processing, 28x Faster Report Generation, and 40x Higher Storage Performance with Engineered Systems

ASBIS SK spol. s r.o., an associate company of ASBIS Group, is an Oracle value-added distributor in Slovakia and one of the leading distributors of IT solutions in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, with offices in 29 countries and customers in more than 80 countries. The group distributes IT components to assemblers, system integrators, local brands, and retail outlets and provides finished products—such as desktop PCs, laptops, servers, and networking—to midsize businesses and retail customers. Its portfolio encompasses a wide range of IT components, blocks and peripherals, and mobile IT systems.




A word from ASBIS SK spol. s r.o.

  • “We are the largest value-added distributor in the Slovak Republic and opened a competency center for Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database Appliance, and SPARC servers because we believe that Oracle’s core strength can help our customers make better business decisions based on increased computing performance while lowering their total cost of IT ownership.” – Jaroslav Ivor, Oracle Division Manager, ASBIS SK spol. s r.o.

  • Enable customers of any size and from a wide range of industries to consolidate storage systems, servers, and applications in one machine and cut total cost of ownership
  • Increase data warehousing performance, consolidate mixed workloads, and support online transaction processing applications to help customers make better business decisions
  • Help the Oracle partner community in Slovakia optimize the performance of business applications for customers—including Oracle and independent software vendor (ISV) software


  • Enabled current and potential customers and ISVs to test Oracle Exadata Database Machine live with their own data in Slovakia’s first Oracle Exadata competency center to assess the benefits that engineered systems and outstanding computing power can deliver to their business—including proofs of concept to identify performance improvements
  • Gave potential customers first-hand experience of the power of the SPARC T4-1 server and Oracle Database Appliance to help them identify how to cut total cost of IT ownership, do more with existing personnel and resources, and get products to market faster
  • Demonstrated significant storage savings when deploying data warehouse solutions on Exadata, for example 10x compression for Hybrid Columnar Compression in query high mode and 14.6x compression in archive high mode—using customer data
  • Realized 7x to 10x faster batch processing and 28x faster report generation for a telecommunications operator—with the customer’s own data—demonstrating the superiority of engineered systems for the communications industry
  • Demonstrated Oracle Exadata Database Machine’s high compression ratios with Hybrid Columnar Compression to achieve up to 40x higher storage performance, enabling customers to cost-effectively modernize data centers and compression tiers and introduce cloud computing
  • Laid the basis for offering customers a wide range of software that relies on industry-leading computing performance by certifying ISV applications on Exadata—both in terms of operational readiness (EXA Ready) and proven performance (EXA Optimized)
  • Enabled the company to be a leader in new Oracle technologies adoption in Slovakia, speeding up the adoption of new products by the partner community by 30% and increasing ASBIS’ sales