ASPIDER Provides Faster Services for Mobile-Virtual-Network-Operators, Grows Revenue More Than 15%, Expects to Triple Subscribers in 12 Months
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ASPIDER Provides Faster Services for Mobile-Virtual-Network-Operators, Grows Revenue More Than 15%, Expects to Triple Subscribers in 12 Months

ASPIDER delivers branded mobile services to mobile network operators (MNOs), such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the Netherlands, Ireland, Malta, and the US. The company provides complete outsourcing solutions for voice, data, and content. ASPIDER services are all designed for a rapid deployment of mobile revenue streams for MNOs and MVNOs, providing all of the components: everything from the core network, all the way through to the applications that are used by the mobile subscribers. The company’s solutions are not limited to just the components, but also include complete operations staffing to support mobile brands. ASPIDER has developed a 40% share of the competitive Netherlands market and is expanding rapidly in other parts of Europe and the United States. The company’s subsidiary, ASPIDER M2M, also has a decade-long history in serving energy, healthcare, transport, and security customers in the fast-growing, machine-to-machine (M2M) sector.




A word from ASPIDER

  • "Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control enables rapidly deploying new mobile revenue streams for mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators, and machine-to-machine providers, which helps us to continue growing our business.” – Robert van Lingen, Business Development, ASPIDER

  • Capitalize on rapid growth in the mobile-wholesale-telephony market, which requires real-time billing capabilities for rapid visibility of usage and better controls
  • Gain value and competitive advantage by differentiating service with innovative new offerings for prepaid, postpaid and hybrid services
  • Increase service providers’ revenues and ability to upsell new services in the dynamic, customer-driven mobile environment by going to market quickly, while building and launching customized promotions and campaigns that enable them to incentivize existing end-users and target new subscribers
  • Sustain 15% to 20%, year-on-year revenue growth by expanding into new geographic areas
  • Boost profitability and reduce costs by improving service delivery efficiency and maximizing the underlying platform performance and scalability


  • Reduced roll-out time from four months to four weeks for new brands, services, and service enhancements—including flexible price plans and top-up options, capped contracts, customer promotions, and roaming solutions—by replacing legacy tools with Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control
  • Sustained more than 15%, year-on-year revenue growth with faster time to market for mobile services and improved agility to act on business opportunities
  • Reduced development costs, using drag-and-drop service configuration and off-the-shelf service templates, which eliminated the need to employ highly skilled network technologists
  • Enabled MVNOs to offer services to prepaid and postpaid customers, thanks to the solution’s real-time online charging and session control capabilities, which maximized pay-as-you-grow market penetration
  • Integrated third-party functionality, built customized mobile services, and delivered personalized offerings to meet provider needs with an open technology platform
  • Leveraged economies of scale by building a single, multitenanted mobile network environment in each geographic region on which to run and support services for millions of end-users under multiple MNO and MVNO brands
  • Gained scalability to support growing subscriber volume.
  • Lowered cost of ownership, simplified support, and enhanced performance by running Oracle software on a pre-integrated SPARC Enterprise M4000 and SPARC T4-1 hardware platform
  • Began analyzing and monitoring typical subscriber use patterns to proactively detect fraud, prevent bill shock, and profile end users for improved targeting of new services
  • Reduced time-to-market for delivery of customer promotions with production-ready campaign templates
  • Planned to use Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control Adapter for Oracle Communications Data Model to develop automated monitoring, metering, and process control services for the high-volume, fast-growing machine-to-machine sector

Why Oracle

ASPIDER chose Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control because of its advanced functionality, real-time charging capabilities, and open platform. The company purchased the Oracle solution to support service delivery to the prepaid market, but also uses the platform for the postpaid environment. Oracle’s position as a leading software and hardware solution provider to many communications sector organizations helped ensure rapid acceptance of the new technology platform by communications service providers.

"Oracle’s continued investment in product enhancements, its long-term development roadmap, and documented upgrade path provides security for us and our customers,” said Luis Carrera, European CEO, ASPIDER. "Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control supports our three sales propositions, which are smarter innovation, improved agility, and faster time to market.”

Implementation Process

Oracle Consulting advised ASPIDER on platform design and technical support. Oracle Consulting’s in-depth product knowledge and past implementation experience helped the company deploy the technology platform quickly and efficiently and gain rapid time to value.

"Our first-to-market strategy means we want to be early adopters of new releases,” said Patrick Meyer, vice president corporate development, ASPIDER. "Oracle Consulting provides the support we need to benefit from new innovations without the risk."