AstraZeneca Improves Clinical Trial Cost Estimates, Optimizes Clinical Development Decisions
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AstraZeneca Improves Clinical Trial Cost Estimates, Optimizes Clinical Development Decisions

  • Oracle Customer:  AstraZeneca
    Location:  London, United Kingdom
    Industry:  Life Sciences
    Employees:  57,200
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

AstraZeneca is a global, research-based biopharmaceutical organization. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, it operates in more than 100 countries with a growing presence in emerging markets, including China, Mexico, Brazil, and Russia.

The company focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of prescription medicines for gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neuroscience, respiratory ailments and inflammation, oncology, and infectious diseases. Its medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.




A word from AstraZeneca

  • "With Oracle Health Sciences ClearTrial, we now have much greater confidence in the clinical trial cost estimates we produce and can therefore make more informed decisions. We are very pleased with the level of accuracy we’ve achieved." – Matthew Bardsley, Clinical Procurement Manager, AstraZeneca

  • Improve ability to accurately prepare budget estimates for proposed clinical studies across the global biopharmaceutical organization
  • Enable executives to make confident decisions about whether a clinical trial should proceed to the next development phase
  • Model various trial scenarios to drive more accurate decisions about the optional sizes or scopes of a particular clinical trial


  • Deployed Oracle Health Sciences ClearTrial Plan and Source Standard Edition Cloud Service and improved cost estimate accuracy and consistency for all clinical trials across AstraZeneca’s global organization—eliminating legacy spreadsheets and in-house-developed algorithms for outsourced studies
  • Used cost-benefit analyses that enable senior executives to confidently decide whether a clinical trial for a new drug or compound should move into the next development phase by estimating the cost of additional trials
  • Increased confidence in budget accuracy with the help of detailed clinical trial parameters and historical data available within Oracle Health Sciences ClearTrial
  • Allowed procurement managers to quickly and easily compare the cost of running a clinical trial in-house or outsourcing it to a clinical research organization, helping to drive down overall clinical development costs
  • Allowed procurement managers to support business development efforts by estimating costs of clinical trials associated with acquired, licensed, or partnered compounds
  • Enabled what-if scenario planning by changing the trial parameters, such as location or partner organization, to compare the cost of running a trial in different ways
  • Enabled cost validation for clinical trials by comparing individual trial data against industry metrics, improving accuracy by analyzing costs drawn together and calculated using algorithms from large volumes of data within Oracle ClearTrial
  • Improved cost transparency by providing a clear audit trail to show exactly how budget figures are calculated

Why Oracle

“Oracle is always very helpful and responsive. Our Oracle account manager is an excellent source of knowledge and expertise and is always willing to help, should we have ad hoc reporting requests or need assistance with a study design. We are very happy with the service we receive,” said Matthew Bardsley, clinical procurement manager, AstraZeneca.